Bitty Baby Bump

I had the first appointment with my midwife today. Thankfully Evan was able to get off work to take me in, though sitting in the waiting room stressed him out. Apparently there was a baby that cried for 10 straight minutes. I just told Evan that it’s something to get used to.

The midwife checked everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I was prepared for it, so it didn’t make me nervous. Aside from my iron being low, i’m in very good health so far and so is the baby. I was issued some iron pills, which I’ll need to take every day. The downside of the pills is that they’ll make me constipated; as if I’m not already terribly constipated! I’ve also been experiencing the worst gas of my life (which is apparently normal for pregnancy)! I mean, it’s worse than my dad after baked beans or my sister after eggs. heehee! I’ve never seen Evan run so far from me so quickly. Sometimes even I can’t bear my own stink, but when I run, it follows me! It’s quite entertaining though. (You’re probably thinking this is way too much information, but aside from Evan, I have no one to talk to and end up talking to myself. I’m beginning to think I’m a loony. No comments.)

Yesterday Evan bought me the book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” It’s an awesome book and really funny. I think Evan’s read more of it than I have, but it’s good for him. It’s allowed him to understand a lot of things, from the horrendous gas to the rollercoaster emotions. I have experienced several days when I’d get super depressed for no particular reason, but they are getting better. Evan has been a great help in that area as well.

I’m at 11 weeks and my belly has started to grow a bit:

The midwife did this thing that was almost like an ultrasound, but it just magnified sound; there was no picture. She searched across my abdomen to find the baby’s heartbeat. Every time she found it, the baby moved; it was very evasive. heehee! But, she did finally catch it, and the baby’s heartrate is 165. The midwife commented that we have a rather active baby and should probably invest in a baby gate. lol! Evan and I have an active baby? No way! (I’m being facetious, of course.)

I’ll have another appointment with my midwife in 6 weeks. Oh boy! Until then…

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