She Is Not Forgotten

Mother’s Day is a wonderful and deserved celebration, but I wonder how often we forget those who aren’t able to be mothers. I do understand the loss of miscarriage, having gone through it three times myself. But, I don’t understand what it’s like to struggle with infertility. I can’t even imagine the pain that it causes. I remember having conversations with my sister who struggled with infertility for a couple years, and I could always hear the pain in her voice . I never knew exactly what to say. (Praise the Lord, she and her husband are now proud parents of a beautiful, baby girl. That is an incredible story I’ll have to share in another post.) It’s hard to know how to be an encouragement to someone going through something you’ve never experienced.

I know how painful it was to lose three of our babies. I know that pain, but I don’t know how it compares to the pain of infertility. Sometimes I’ll try to put myself in the shoes of those who can’t bear, and the weight of that imagined pain is difficult enough. To have to go through that in reality would be devastating.

I don’t have much to write on this topic, because I haven’t experienced it. But, I just want to implore you to not forget those who can’t be mothers. Please let that infertile mother know that she is not forgotten. Let her know you are thinking of her. Send her a gift of encouragement. Send her a card that says you are thinking of her. Pray for her. Mother’s Day is, perhaps, the most painful day for her. If you know someone who struggles with infertility or pregnancy loss, you can help ease the pain by showing her love and reminding her that she is not forgotten.

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