DIY Pallet Wood Kids’ Artwork Display – Living Room Makeover

artwork display

I’d always wanted to make one of those artwork display boards that you see floating around Pinterest, but I never really got around to it. I just became too busy. So, the kids’ artwork continued to pile up on our fridge. The thing started to look like a freakish picaso.  Thankfully, my wonderful, amazing husband came up with a solution while the boys and I were visiting my parents for Easter weekend. I’m loving the artwork display he made!


If you remember from my burlap banner post, we were looking for something that would fill in the space between the flag and the toy shelf. What better idea than a pallet wood artwork display? This seamlessly brought together both worlds – our decor and the boys’ play area – without looking weird.


When my husband told me how he made this, I couldn’t believe how simple it was!


He removed two boards from a pallet and found two scrap wood pieces that were relatively the same size, to use as the connecting pieces. He sanded the pallet boards and then stained all the pieces of wood, using the color “Early American” by Minwax. He then held the boards together as he drilled in the connecting pieces on either side. After that, he hot-glued on the clips which he got from Lowes. To finish off the artwork display, he painted on our boys’ names, using white craft paint and stencils he got from Wal-mart.


In all, this whole project only cost a little over $8 to make! (We did already have some of the supplies, so do take that into consideration if you plan to make one for yourself.)

Now that this part of our living room is complete, I can finally show the before/after reveal of this wall. Before, this wall was covered with a bunch of coffee decor. It did look really cute. But, we were ready for a change, and we love the new rustic, patriotic feel! Not to mention, we are able to proudly say that we made all the decor!

before-after living room wall

What do you think? Do you like our new wall as much as we do?

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