Guest Post: The “R” Word

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The “R” Word


The “R” word, some are running from it and others are running around like a chicken with their heads chopped off in order to find the perfect person.  I’m talking about “Relationships.” The time in one’s life where we discuss our perfect match with our friends, make lists, read books and magazines, you name it, anything to make us feel as if we are getting closer to our perfect match. Will we ever really find our perfect match? I truly believe that out there in this world of 7 billion people, each one of us has our soul mate searching for us as well. How long or how hard it will take each of us to find each other, that’s a mystery that can’t be answered yet.

Being in the dating scene for a few years now, I must admit is rather exhausting but also exhilarating. I’m not one of those girls that has boyfriend after boyfriend, so it’s safe to say that I’m searching for my soul mate and someone I can see spending the rest of my life with. You might have read my sisters previous post about Family- Shaping Relationships, and about the dynamics of our family and our parents going through a divorce. Much like her, the divorce affected me as well but on a different level. While she is applying characteristics to her marriage I am using them to find my soul mate. I’m sure like many people who are in the dating world you have an idea of what you are looking for, a personality that you mesh with, or you leave the window cracked for someone unexpected. When getting to know someone, you find out about their morals, theirs dreams in life, goals, ambitions, and how they feel about children. Because of my family’s situation there are certain characteristics and moral values that are important for my guy to have.

I’m sure many of us have encountered this when dating, right around that three month mark something seems to change. Think about it, for the first few months, you put on your best face, best clothes, act the perfect combination of flirty and independent, you don’t want to seem too needy or too clingy, but once you go past the three month line you see a different person. Is it that we get comfortable with one another or is the gig up.

It’s most important to know what you are looking for in that other person, yes you are going to have to compromise, but never compromise your morals, because they make you who you are. Find out what is important to you, if that person doesn’t meet your standards, never settle for less, and remember there are 7 billion people out there. If you are looking for a gentleman that opens doors for you, and he opens the door on the first date, take notice by date two (if he gets the privilege) if he does it again. If he doesn’t, chances are not many doors will be opened. Most likely he was trying to impress you, and will probably never open that car door again.

Dating can be simple; it’s about finding the right match for you. Don’t be discouraged, God has your soul mate searching for you as you read this. One day your paths will meet and from what I’m told, “You’ll just know.”

I want to thank Lydia for allowing me the opportunity to open up and share with you. We look forward to expanding our blogging friends.

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