Gluten-Free Cookie Dough Bites


I remember, as a child, when my mom would be making chocolate chip cookies, I would wait for an opportune moment for her to leave the kitchen for a minute and I’d sneak a couple bites of cookie dough. I LOVE cookie dough! I know eating it is a huge no-no. But, it’s sooo good! (My mother-in-law is probably cringing right now. She hates raw cookie dough.)


I’ve been facing a recent dilemma. I can’t eat raw cookie dough because I’m pregnant. (Technically, I shouldn’t ever eat it.) But, this little girl has been making me crave two things lately: sweets and cookie dough. Gah! I did find a very yummy egg-less cookie dough recipe, but I wanted something that was a little healthier and wouldn’t be too hard on my stomach. Gluten seems to mess with me a little.


Several months ago, I came across this recipe on Vegan Richa. I tried it and was hooked! I ran into a problem this time, however, because I wanted to make it into bite-sized balls that I could just snatch from the freezer whenever I get a sweet tooth. The consistency of the original recipe wasn’t right for what I wanted to do. So, I adapted the recipe to my liking, and now I have a whole container of these yummy, little, bite-size cookie dough balls waiting to be snacked on!


Okay okay. So, I may have eaten nearly half of them already. They are just so good! And seriously, who could ever eat just one? Another bonus is that my kids absolutely love them! I might have to start double-batching these next time.


I wanted to mention a few things regarding the recipe. The recipe does say almond milk and almond flour, but you can use any non-dairy milk and nut flour. This time, I actually used cashew milk (my new fave) and cashew flour. Delicious!


Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into one of those?! Yum!!

cookie dough bites

Are you a raw cookie dough lover like me?

Do you have a favorite egg-less recipe that you’ve tried?


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