To The Mom Of The Bold Boy In The Waiting Room

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“Do you know who that baby is? That’s Jesus – Jesus Christ!”

I looked up from my phone and saw him standing there, surrounded by a couple young children. He was your son, and he looked like maybe he was about ten years old. I could be wrong. Listening to him speak, I could tell he might be autistic or have some sort of learning disability. None of that matters though because his words pierced my very soul.

“Do you know what Jesus did? He came to be the Savior of the world! He loves us so much that He died on the cross for our sins so that we could be free!”

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I intently listened from across the room. A warmth filled my soul. I listened as your son continued to boldly talk about the baby in the statue figurine placed as a decoration in the doctor’s waiting room. He didn’t stop there.

“Do you know where we find the story of Jesus? I’ll give you a hint. You often take this book with you to church on Sunday.”

The glint in his eyes and the knowing smile on his face caused me to grin through the salty tears streaming down my face. The young children giggled and clutched to the legs of their momma.

“The Bible! It’s in the Bible, which is God’s Holy Word! Do you know exactly where in the Bible we can find the entire story of Jesus?”

One little girl giggled and shook her head. In response, he excitedly help up four fingers.

“The four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!”

Then I saw it. I saw the redness of embarrassment creep into your cheeks. You became aware of all the eyes that were watching your boy. I watched as you quickly grabbed your phone from your pocket, handed it to him, and quietly told him to sit down. He swiftly obeyed and proceeded to play a game on the phone. I wanted to leap from my seat and say, “Please don’t stop him! Please let him keep talking.”

What you didn’t realize is that, though there was a room full of eyes watching your son, there was a room full of ears listening too. What you didn’t see were the wheels turning in people’s minds as they processed the Truths your son was proclaiming. What you don’t know is how much that short exchange your son had with those young children impacted my very core.

You see, I was sitting in that waiting room, waiting for an appointment with my doctor – an appointment to discuss a different anti-depressant. I’ve been struggling with deep depression for over a year now and have frustratingly tried a couple different anti-depressants with no luck. This deep depression has greatly affected my faith in God. I sat in that waiting room feeling defeated and abandoned by God, struggling to hold onto any tiny ounce of faith that I possibly had in Him.

Then your son walked in, and I was moved to tears. Your young boy’s boldness helped me see what child-like faith is like. The joy in his face. The strength in his words. He was like a breath of fresh air to my soul! I was able to walk away from my appointment that day with a renewed joy, not the overflowing joy that I hope to gain back someday, but more of a restfulness. Your son reminded me that I don’t need to keep struggling over the deepness of the spiritual Truths. Rather, I need to take one tiny, child-like step at a time. I need to remind myself of the simple Truths. God loves me. He sent His Son to die for me. Through Him, I am free. He is my Savior. And it’s all in the Bible. God’s Holy Word.

I drove to the pharmacy and a smile spread across my face. A real, genuine smile. God loves me. God loves ME! I looked out at the trees on the side of the road and thanked Him. God, thank you for the trees. Thank you for Your Son. Thank you!

And thank you, mom of that young boy. You are doing a wonderful job! Your son preached to that entire room of people without even realizing it. In my eyes, he doesn’t have a disability. He has a very strong ability. He touched my heart and my soul. God is using him in wonderful ways! Don’t be embarrassed by his boldness. Don’t be embarrassed by what seemed to be a lack of tact. (I honestly think he was very tactful.) It is absolutely wonderful! He has a beautiful heart! You are blessed with a little evangelist.

Thank you!


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