DIY Military Cammie Travel Wipes Case

DIY Military Cammie Wipes Case by

If you’ve been following my Instagram and Twitter, you’ll remember seeing a little teaser for this post with a mish-mash of items not really showing you what exactly it was. Well, the wait is over! If you guessed what the project was going to be, congratulations! The project is a DIY Military Cammie Travel Wipes Case!

Today I am going to be showing you how to decorate your very own travel wipes case using military cammies. Since I’m a Marine wife, I of course chose to use USMC Desert digital cammies to demonstrate. That was a no brainer! (By the way, even if you aren’t military, you can still follow these steps to decorate your very own wipes case using whatever fabric you would like!)

These little goodies make the perfect baby shower gift!

**Unfortunately, Huggies stopped making the hard case travel wipes containers a little while back. (sniff sniff) But, there are other hard case travel wipes containers out there. Some of them are decorated, but obviously would not be nearly as cute as one you’ve done yourself. You can also use this same DIY process for the larger tubs that Huggies does still make.**

What you will need:

what you will need to make the military cammie wipes case

  • Pen or Fabric Marker
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Batting/Stuffing
  • Travel Wipes Case
  • Decorative Ribbon
  • Gimp Braid Trim or Scroll Trim
  • Military Cammie Fabric (You can use used cammies, preferably the blouse, or you can buy the fabric online.)

To start off, turn your fabric over so that you are working on the back. You are then going to want to trace both sides of the wipes case, making sure you leave a good amount of space between each tracing.

tracing the wipes case onto the military cammie fabric

Then, cut around your tracings. You do NOT want to cut along the lines. You want to make sure you leave an extra edge. So, for the tracing of the top of your wipes case, leave about 1/2 inch as you are cutting around. For the bottom, leave about 1/4 inch as you cut.

cutting around the tracing of the military cammie wipes case

Next, you want to glue some batting to the top of your wipes case. Now, you can use felt if you’d like. But, I like the idea of the batting because it makes it extra padded, giving a cushioned feeling to the top of the case. Be careful that you don’t go overboard with the batting, as your fabric won’t properly fit over it.

gluing the batting onto the wipes case

Next is probably the trickiest part . . . the gluing of your fabric pieces. Starting on one edge of the top, – I prefer to start on a long edge – glue down your fabric without going all the way to the edge of the opening. You want to make sure you have room to glue down your trim. I have found that the easiest way to do this is start with a long side and start by gluing the middle of the edge and working outwards. Then work clockwise in gluing down the fabric, making sure you are pulling it tightly around the edges. Because of the batting, the top is usually more difficult than the bottom.

military cammie wipes case

Do the same with the bottom of the case.

military cammie wipes case

Then be sure to trim up your edges.

military cammie wipes case

Up next is the decorative ribbon for the top of your cammie wipes case. Cut off two pieces of ribbon that will fit going diagonally across two of the edges. Then, do diagonal cuts on the edges of your ribbon, so that the ribbon lays down nicely over the edges of the wipes case. Add glue only to the two side of each ribbon piece. You do not want to glue down the entire ribbon pieces. Just put a dot of glue on each side and place your ribbon. Be sure to do this quickly before the glue dries.

military cammie wipes case

When you have your ribbon in place, you are then going to start gluing the gimp braid trim along the edges of both the top and bottom sides of your wipes case. Before starting, be sure to use a lighter or a match to singe the edges of the trim because it will start to unravel and fray if you don’t.

military cammie wipes case

Carefully start gluing down your trim as close to the edges as possible, being sure you are running a thin line of glue along the middle of the trim as you go. (Also, make sure your starting and stopping points are at the back of the wipes case. You don’t want them glaringly seen in the front.)

military cammie wipes case

Be sure that when you are doing the bottom, you do not glue all the way up into the edge that will end up snapping into the top. If you do, the wipes case will not be able to snap shut. Finally, cut off the excess trim, glue down, and you are finished!

military cammie wipes case

You have your very own military cammie travel wipes case!

Additional instructions for decorating a wipes tub:

  • For the tub, you are going to follow the same instructions for the top part of the tub.
  • But, for the bottom part of the tub, you will need to cut out 5 separate panels: 2 small sides, 2 long sides, and the very bottom.
  • Glue your separate panels to the appropriate sides.
  • Then, glue the gimp braid trim down the four side corners, making sure the middle of your trim goes down the corner and the edges of the trim wrap around.
  • Then, glue trim along the top edge of the tub and along the bottom edge.

I would like to add that I do offer the military cammie travel wipes cases on my Etsy shop: LE’s Creations. I use authentic, unused cammie material. While supplies last, I offer them in the following cammie styles:

  • USMC Desert
  • USMC Woodland
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force

Have you been inspired to decorate a baby wipes container?

Would you decorate one for yourself or for as a gift?


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