The Marine Behind The Blog: On Having A Girl

A while ago, I saw a “Boy Behind The Blog” link-up that I had wanted to get involved in but never got around to. That link-up has been over for a long time, but I still loved the idea. So, I wanted to start doing a “Marine Behind The Blog” series. I write so much about our lives, but rarely do you ever hear from my husband. Here’s your opportunity to get to know him a little better. (Btw, I think he is such a hottie in this picture! Just sayin.)

Lydia Maternity Web-1

Me: What was your first thought when you found out we are having a girl?

Evan: Yesssss! (Yep! You can see a video of his reaction {here}.)

Me: What are you most excited about with having a girl?

Evan: tea parties with crumpets (I definitely did not expect this response, but it certainly melted my heart!)

Me: What are you most nervous about?

Evan: That I won’t be able to completely protect her. (I think we both have the same fear.)

Me: Thoughts on future boyfriends?

Evan: (trying to stay calm) I don’t want to answer that question because no one will be good enough, and I’ll want to throttle them all . . . with my fingers. (Lol! No boyfriend stands a chance.)

Me: What is your biggest wish for our daughter?

Evan: That she’ll be saved (accept Christ). (Yep, I cried. This is our biggest wish for all our children.)


For my next “Marine Behind The Blog” post, I thought I would do reader questions. You can either comment on this post with your questions or you can send an email to andthismarinewife{at}! So . . .

What is a question you have for my Marine husband?

enter site (It can be either military or non-military related)

*Photography by Dana Bement Photography.*


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