The Marine Behind The Blog: On Having A Girl

A while ago, I saw a “Boy Behind The Blog” link-up that I had wanted to get involved in but never got around to. That link-up has been over for a long time, but I still loved the idea. So, I wanted to start doing a “Marine Behind The Blog” series. I write so much about our lives, but rarely do you ever hear from my husband. Here’s your opportunity to get to know him a little better. (Btw, I think he is such a hottie in this picture! Just sayin.)

Lydia Maternity Web-1

Me: What was your first thought when you found out we are having a girl?

Evan: Yesssss! (Yep! You can see a video of his reaction {here}.)

Me: What are you most excited about with having a girl?

Evan: tea parties with crumpets (I definitely did not expect this response, but it certainly melted my heart!)

Me: What are you most nervous about?

Evan: That I won’t be able to completely protect her. (I think we both have the same fear.)

Me: Thoughts on future boyfriends?

Evan: (trying to stay calm) I don’t want to answer that question because no one will be good enough, and I’ll want to throttle them all . . . with my fingers. (Lol! No boyfriend stands a chance.)

Me: What is your biggest wish for our daughter?

Evan: That she’ll be saved (accept Christ). (Yep, I cried. This is our biggest wish for all our children.)


For my next “Marine Behind The Blog” post, I thought I would do reader questions. You can either comment on this post with your questions or you can send an email to andthismarinewife{at}! So . . .

What is a question you have for my Marine husband?

(It can be either military or non-military related)

*Photography by Dana Bement Photography.*


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  • Bailey

    Aww, I’m really excited for y’all!!! Hmm… I’ll have to think of some good questions for Evan!

  • MeandMySoldierMan

    That picture of y’all is yowza!

    • Thank you! My friend, Dana, did my hair and makeup. She’s pretty much awesome! I’m kind of jealous. She didn’t have to do anything to my hubby. He’s just that hott! lol! 😉

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