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Welcoming new neighbors is always a nice thing to do, but you might not know what to give them. Give a Coke gift basket!

In a military town, regularly getting new neighbors is not uncommon. We have seen a continuous cycle of new people over the past four years of living in our development. Our family usually tries to do something nice for people moving in, whether it’s baking cookies or offering help with moving items. Moving is already stressful, so when people feel welcomed to the community, that can help ease some of the stress. We recently had some new neighbors move in across the street from us, and I knew I wanted to create a welcome gift basket for them. How fitting that the personalized Coke drinks were brought back to the shelves this Summer! Now I was able to even personalize the gift basket in a creative way.

I feel like a nice gesture like a gift basket can speak volumes to your new neighbors. It lets them know that you even noticed them and opens a channel for possibly making new friends, which is very essential in a military town. But, knowing exactly what to put in this kind of gift basket can sometimes be confusing, especially when you have just met your new neighbors or merely watched the moving trucks pull up and briefly got a glimpse of them. So, I thought I would share some tips for putting together the perfect gift basket.


This is essential! Before even putting together your gift basket, take some time to get to know your new neighbors. See them moving in? Lend a helping hand or go over and chat with them. Introduce yourself and your family. You could even take a few weeks to get to know them. Find out if they have children, learn their names and their likes or interests.

Our neighbors moved in three weeks ago and, during these past few weeks, I was able to learn that they had two daughters the same exact ages as our two older sons and everyone’s names. (Our boys and their girls are already best buds!) I learned that the wife loves making projects with barn wood and pallet wood! She made a gorgeous coffee table out of barn wood. I was so excited because, as you know, we too love making pallet wood projects!

Now that you know a bit about your new neighbors, you can assemble the perfect welcome basket using the following tips:


You know that nice feeling you get when you realize someone you just met actually remembers your name? By making your gift basket personal, you’re telling your neighbors that you not only cared enough to give them a welcome gift, but you cared enough to know and remember their names! I decided to personalize this basket by getting some of the Coca-Cola 20 oz. personalized name bottles for the parents, Travis and Megan.

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I found these personalized Coke bottles at Walmart. I will admit that Walmart is one of my favorite places to shop, possibly because one was recently built close enough to our house that we didn’t have to drive forever to get to one. Well, okay, I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with Walmart. Anyway, it’s pretty apparent that they have the widest and most organized selection of the Coca-Cola personalized 20 oz bottles.

If you haven’t gone through one of the dump bin displays, you should! I’ve never seen so many name varieties. They carry personalized bottles with names that you would NEVER find available on one of those tourist magnet or tumbler racks. You know what I’m talking about. I think I’ve only ever found the name, Lydia, once on a magnet and a part of me wonders if my mom called the manufacturer ahead of time. Ha! The most “personalized” I can ever get is “Marine wife.” So, I was excited to see the variety of names (and spellings of names) available at Walmart! Not to mention, there are several places you can find these personalized Coke bottles. You don’t just have to look in the display bins. You can also find them in the coolers at the check-out aisles or even on the shelves in the soda aisle!

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Sort of like a small “housewarming” gift part of the basket, getting something for the home is great, especially for the wife/mother. Since I knew our new neighbors had young children, I thought extra washcloths and towels would be a nice touch. My kids are always getting messy, and I’m constantly finding myself run out of washcloths and towels. So, from one understanding mom to another, I knew she would probably like having extras. I also added a set of bamboo kitchen “tools.” Who doesn’t like having wooden kitchen accessories?


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There’s something fun about receiving a special treat that you know is specifically for you. Since we knew that our new neighbors had children, a packet of freezer pops seemed fitting (not to mention the hot Summer already rolling in).  Then there’s the beef jerky for the husband. What man doesn’t like beef jerky? And, of course, chocolate for the mom. We all know how much moms LOVE chocolate! I mean, I do. There’s something about how chocolate provides a tiny bit of sanity during the day.

Then, of course, we added a snack that the whole family can enjoy . . . popcorn!!

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Because I knew that Megan liked to make wood projects and appeared to have sort of a rustic style, I thought a nice woven basket would be perfect for holding the gift items. The great thing about this basket is that it’s something she would end up wanting to re-use, whether for storage or as a decor item. That’s always a nice little bonus!

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Overall, I think the basket came together pretty nicely, and our new neighbors seemed to love it!

Another bonus about this gift basket? I was able to find all the items at Walmart, so I didn’t need to go to a different store to find the right names for the Coca Cola bottles or to find any of the other items!

Here is a list of Walmart stores where you can find a large quantity of personalized Coca Cola bottles to share with someone this Summer! If your store is not on the list you can still find these bottles at all Walmart locations.

What are some things you would put in a welcome gift basket?

How else would you have Summer fun with personalized 20 oz Coca Cola bottles? I’d love to hear your ideas!

(You can also go {here} to share your ideas with Coca Cola!)


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