What To NOT Say To A Pregnant Woman


Now, everybody knows to just avoid asking the “Are you pregnant?” or “When are you due?” questions, as you might never know if the woman is actually pregnant. But, what about when a woman really is pregnant?

When a woman becomes pregnant, it seems like all these people with thoughts on the pregnancy creep out of the wood-work. They either offer unsolicited advice, ask the most bizarre questions, or make statements that should be kept behind sealed lips.

Pregnancy seems to make loose lips. And we know what loose lips do. Yep, they sink ships. Pregnant mommies already feel like big, sunken ships. Let’s not add salt to the discomfort.

A few months back, I talked to several different women and asked what things were said to them while they were pregnant . . . things that should NOT be said to a pregnant woman! Some of their replies were quite alarming! Though some of the remarks may have been harmless and well-meaning, a few of them revealed the audacity of some people!



Every pregnancy is different. Some people have their babies early. Some people have their babies after their due date. But, it’s advisable to just avoid statements about the pregnancy length altogether. Mom already feels uncomfortable and is more than ready for baby to come. Don’t make it worse or you might get a snappy reply from a hormonal, tired mommy.

  • “Still pregnant?!”
  • “You still haven’t had that baby yet?!”
  • “Was your due date wrong?”
  • “You don’t look ready to have that baby yet! I think you still have a few more months.” (Pregnant mom was 38 weeks.)


Comments and questions about this still blow my mind. When people make any comments regarding how pregnancy happens, they are suggesting that the parents have no idea and somehow thought they woke up one day with the sudden surprise of a growing baby. Come on, people!

  • “Oh, I know how THAT happened. You did the nasty!” Thank you for stating the obvious.
  • “You know why this keeps happening, right?”
  • “Did you let it slip?” Not sure what “it” is. 
  • “You know what causes that, right?”



Once again, every pregnancy and every woman is different. Just don’t. Don’t touch this subject.

  • “You’ll never lose your pregnancy weight, so you might as well get rid of your pre-pregnancy clothes.”
  • “You’re really gaining weight all over. I wasn’t like that. I just gained weight in my belly.”
  • “Which bump is the baby?” I have no words.
  • (Pregnant mom was heavier.) “Oh, you’ll probably have a big baby.” (Pregnant mom ended up having a preemie.)
  • “You are HUGE!”
  • “You’ve only gained weight in the front, except a little in your face.”
  • “Wow! You’ve gotten really fat!”


This is probably one of the most popular topics that people like to offer advice for. The thing is, it’s just like the weight gain topic. Don’t touch it. Please let the mom be. (Also, make sure to do adequate research before making statements that aren’t scientifically true.)

  • “You’re eating AGAIN?!”
  • “You better make sure you’re feeding that baby enough!”
  • “You’re eating for two now.”
  • “You can splurge! It’s for baby.”
  • “You sure you should be eating that?”
  • “Every time I see you, you are eating.”

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Instead of making the statements mentioned below, just tell the mom she looks beautiful. Trust me, you will get a much better response.

  • “You look so tired today.” Not sure what you know about pregnancy, but it comes with the territory.
  • “Do you have any stretch marks yet?” Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.
  • “Just wait. It gets worse as time goes on. Soon, you enjoy to even be able to move, much less roll out of bed.” Well, thanks for the encouragement.
  • “I’m sorry. You just look too young to be pregnant. You look 15!” (Pregnant mom was 23.)
  • “Oh, you poor thing. You look terrible!” Umm, thank you?
  • “Your belly comes in the room before you do.” Is that supposed to be a compliment?
  • “Can you even still shave?!” Nope. Want to help me?
  • “You’re pregnant in your face.” Wow! I didn’t realize I carried my baby in my face! (SMH)
  • “You are swollen. I would be so worried. I would call your doctor.” The doctor actually says I’m fine. Thanks.
  • “Are you even pregnant?” (Pregnant mom was 8 months.) Nope. That’s a fake baby on the ultrasound.
  • “You look like crap. It must be a girl because girls steal your beauty.” Excuse me?
  • “You’re looking pregnant.” In other words, I look fat.
  • “Did you get Botox in your lips?” (Pregnant mom had pre-eclampsia.) Wow. Just wow.


Yet some more statements that are usually unfounded.

  • “You shouldn’t be lifting anything . . . ever. Lay down!”
  • “You shouldn’t be drinking caffeine.”
  • After pregnant mom ate a cucumber roll. – “You ate sushi? That’s awful! You shouldn’t do that.”
  • “Should you be running?”
  • “You can NOT bend over like that! It will cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck!”


The best advice I can give is to just not share any horrible birth stories, especially to first-time moms. This will just heighten her already nervous thoughts about birth. Also, avoid saying the following . . .

  • Pregnant mom was trying to be positive and said that she planned to not have a C-section. The reply – “Now, don’t be so sure about that. You may need one. You probably will.”
  • “Did you hear about [insert most horrific birth story imaginable or story of newborn who had rare serious complications, etc.]?”
  • “We both know you have a low pain tolerance, so you might as well cave and admit that you’ll have an epidural.” (Pregnant mom ended up having an all-natural, unmedicated vaginal delivery.)
  • “Don’t have the baby yet. Wait till 40 weeks.” As if that can be controlled.


Mom is trying to just take one day at a time. Avoid commenting about the future. She just doesn’t need to think about that right now.

  • “They’re sweet when they’re babies, but once your children are teenagers, you’ll wish you’d never had them.”
  • “So cute! They’ll grow up and hate you someday.”
  • “Your 2-year old is gonna be SO mad when these babies come.”
  • “Oh honey, this is the easy part. It’s after the baby arrives that it gets hard.”
  • “You think you’re tired now? Just wait till after the baby gets here!”



Blows. my. mind.

  • “Do twins appear in there at the same time, or do you have sex and one appears, and the next time you have sex, another appears?” (Yes, this was actually asked of a mom who was pregnant with twins.)
  • “Are the babies in your actual stomach or your uterus?” (Once again, yes a real question asked of a mom with twins.)
  • “How are you going to handle twins? I don’t think you can.” Thanks for the confidence.


Hoo boy! This one, folks. This one.

  • “Are you SURE there aren’t twins?!”
  • “You look like there should be two in there.”
  • “Are you sure there’s only one baby in there?”



This is one that gets to me every single time. People seem to think they have the right to decide how many kids should be in a family. Let’s leave it up to God and the parents themselves. Don’t offer your thoughts on this one, unless you’re asked.

  • “You’re really going to have your hands full!”
  • “You think you can handle that many?”
  • “How many more do you plan to have?!”
  • “So, what do you all believe about birth control?”
  • “How on earth will you give your children equal attention?”
  • “Again?! Already?! But, you’re done now, right?”
  • “Your family grew fast. Are you done now?”
  • “Only two years apart? Wow! Was that on purpose or an accident?”
  • “Are you Mormon?”
  • “Now that you have one of each, you’re done now, right?”
  • “Do you know what birth control is?”

What are some crazy things that have been said to you? Please share in the comments below!


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