Friday Confessions: Life Lately

Considering how quiet the blog has been, I thought it was time for a Friday Confessions post. This one is going to be related to what our life has been like lately, and then you’ll understand why things have been quiet around here.


I confess . . . I might have stalked and asked around a bit until I found out exactly what house we’ll be getting on base. It’s nice! I’m excited. Don’t worry, I am not stalking anymore. I will leave the current residents to move out in peace.

I confess . . . hubby has been doing pre-deployment work-ups, and it stinks.

I confess . . . I marathon-watched the first season of “Fixer Upper” over a course of 2 or 3 days (with breaks in between when the kids were awake, of course). I am totally hooked on that show! I LOVE Joanna and Chip Gaines, and Joanna’s style is right up my alley! While I wait for the next season, I am currently marathon-watching “Land Girls.”

I confess . . . I ate ice cream for like 4 nights in a row. That is actually very surprising, considering I rarely ever eat ice cream. That’s what hubby being gone does to me! Ugh!

I confess . . . I feel like I might be going certifiably insane. The boys have been testing the boundaries like crazy, and this mommy is about to lose it handling everything in a calm, collected way. Ha! Ack! (But, our sweet little girl sure does make it easier to reign in the crazy.)

I confess . . . I am beyond excited about moving on base! I have a print-out of the floor plan of the house, and we have big plans. I will definitely be sharing these plans. I’m so excited!!!

I confess . . . I’ve been experiencing a lot of health issues over the past few months, including severe joint pain, swelling/numbness in my hands and feet, fatigue, etc. I go to the doctor next week to discuss a possible thyroid issue. Please pray that we can figure out what’s going on! (I will also be seeing a vascular specialist for my horrible varicose veins and superficial blood clots.)

I confess . . . we’ve started going towards more of a holistic approach with our children (including diet change) and have already noticed some wonderful differences! Up until we started, Joshua had been nonverbal and only screamed all the time. He is now saying words and seems to have a new word or two every day! Isaac was stuttering and all stuttering has ceased. Ian’s emotional meltdowns have calmed down a lot, and he’s handling upsetting situations (upsetting to him, that is) SO much better! I’d say this approach is working, and I look forward to see how much better and healthier our family gets over time!

I confess . . . my kids have been watching a lot more tv than I normally let them.

I confess . . . I’m in desperate need of a shower. Ah, the blessings of motherhood!

Do you have any confessions this week?

Please help me with future blog posts and let me know of anything you would like to see me write about! 🙂


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  • Bailey

    I want to hear more about this holistic approach your family is trying out. Hope you are well, sweet friend!

    • Ooo! I will have to tell you more about it when you visit!

  • Jen

    We love living in base housing, nothing better than having maintenance on call when something breaks haha.

    • Aside from the bullies living in our cul-de-sac, I’m really enjoying it! The maintenance on call is pretty much amazing! lol!

  • MeandMySoldierMan

    Can’t wait to see your house plans! I need to watch more HGTV. Interior design is one of my blind spots.

    Hope you get answers about your health quickly! The waiting is so hard.

    • So yeah, I never did get around to sharing those plans, did I? Well, not on the blog anyway. I think I did share them on my facebook page though. Ah well. At least they’re out there! 🙂