The Marine Behind The Blog: On Faith


A couple months ago, I had asked if you readers had any questions for my Marine husband. He received several great questions. They were all different kinds of questions, so I broke them up into categories. Today, he is answering the questions that were more about the Christian walk and what it’s like to be a Christian in the military world.

Has your Faith ever been challenged while in the Marine Corps?

Yes, mostly after returning home from deployment. It was hard to get back into doing my devotions and follow the Lord because I had allowed myself to stop focusing on God and serving Him, and I focused on doing what I wanted.  It was just a really difficult time that required a lot of prayer and seeking and searching.


Is it challenging sometimes to be a man/woman of God in the military, more challenging than civilian life?

I personally would think so because in the the military there is a culture of drinking, sexual perversion, and vulgar language. So, when you don’t do those things, you stand out. It makes it difficult to make friends, and you just end up being kind of an outsider all the time. But, along with that, there is good things because it gives you the opportunity to be different and tell people why you’re different. That opens up a lot of opportunities for conversations and witnessing opportunities.

If you were able to change one thing that would help the morality of the Marine Corps, what would you do?

That’s a hard question because you don’t necessarily want a nice, quiet force. But, you don’t want the guys to be drunken, disorderly force either. Umm, I think I would enforce respect for women, which would ultimately deal with sexual assaults, the pornography issue, etc. I think the biggest issue in America right now is the lack of father figures in homes, which ultimately results in these problems, such as disrespect towards women.

That’s all for today! Come back in a few weeks to read his thoughts on Fall!


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