The Haunting of The Mommy Bladder

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I know what you’re thinking . . . Is she seriously gonna go there? Oh yes, I am going there! Moms, let’s face it. After having kids, our bladders just aren’t the same.

(Oh, if you’re a man and reading this, feel free to walk away. Then again, maybe you should stick around and see what we woman deal with AFTER carrying and popping out that little bundle of joy! Maybe it will induce some more sympathy! Maybe?)

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my husband would be saying or doing something hilarious, and I beg him to stop. Almost always, the moment I start laughing, pop goes the leak! You know what I’m talking about! It’s like, no matter how much you wish you had an iron bucket of a bladder, somewhere there’s a hole in the bucket. Then, you’re crying, “Dear Liza!” and running to change your underwear. But, you don’t always have the convenience of an underwear change when you’re out in public, and this is what you look like (or maybe just me) . . .


Just me? Oh, okay, maybe I’m alone in this. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who carries around another pair of underwear, just in case.)

I recently gave birth to our fourth living baby, and my bladder just isn’t the same anymore. For pete’s sake, I can’t even exercise without springing a leak! Squats are the worst; don’t even get me going on the squats. I’m tired of feeling like I can’t control my bladder. How can I live life normally without fear of leaking every time I laugh, cough, sneeze, exercise, etc? Seriously. Where’s the fun in that?

Well, apparently there IS a solution! While shopping at Target last month, I came across a product by Poise Impressa that is specifically designed for bladder support! You put it in just like a tampon and it helps constrict the passageway from the bladder so that there is less leakage. I’m not kidding you! See? I even have picture proof from the store . . .


Now, I strongly recommend getting the sizing kit before going ahead and buying just any box. The sizing kit is important. It’s not about how much you leak or how much you weigh, it’s all about how well it fits. So, you are going to want to buy the sizing kit to first to make sure you figure out the right fit for you.Product Shot_poise082015

You start with size 1 and insert it like you would a tampon. Then, work up until you find the right size. Size 2 is what works best for me. But, you really do need to try it out for yourself to make sure you have the right fit for you. There are instructions, so don’t worry about doing it wrong. It is super easy and comfy! Holy cow! I can’t even tell it’s there.


(Oh, I should also add that you should NOT use this while on your period! Even though it goes in like a tampon, it’s not a tampon. So, use the proper things for your period. Also, do not use this while pregnant!)

Ladies, I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference this has made for me. I feel like I can live without leakage. The extra underwear in my purse is no longer needed! I can have this gem in for up to 8 hours and enjoy exercising and laughing with my children, without looking like I have chronic legs-crossed syndrome.


Now, if you struggle with Urge Urinary Incontinence, the bladder supports do not work for that. But don’t worry, Poise also makes products specifically designed for that issue as well, such as liners and pads.

I know this is an embarrassing topic, but if we can talk about it through laughter (without leaking), then it’s not so bad! Motherhood is hard on our bodies. I’m just being real here and discussing the things that aren’t talked about too much. To be honest, no one told me that my bladder would be so weak after having babies. I mean, I knew I would have trouble during pregnancy, but I thought things would just bounce back afterwards. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case (for me, anyway). I know there are some exercises (like kegels) and things I can do to strengthen those muscles. But, until then, it looks like it’s going to be Poise Impressa for me!

*There is a rewards program through Poise Impressa. If you purchase the sizing kit at Target and then go to and share a testimonial about your experience with the product, you can earn a $25 promo code to!*

Have you ever dealt with the laughing leakage?

Do you think you might give the Poise Impressa Bladder Support a try?


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