DIY Jute Ball Ornament (Hobby Lobby Inspired)


Is Christmas really only 10 days away?! Holy cow! Where has time gone? Anyway, lately I’ve been keeping busy making Christmas decorations for our house (as if I’m not busy enough already). I love the look and feel of homemade decor! I’m the kind of person who will see stuff at Hobby Lobby or some other place with decor and think, Hmm, I wonder if I could make that myself. 

Before deciding if I’m going to make said item, I ask myself three questions:

  • Can I make it myself?
  • Will it cost less if I make it?
  • Will it be worth my time and effort?

If I say “no” to any of those questions, then I don’t even bother. But, most times I just enjoy the challenge of making it myself. So, when I saw these adorable jute ball ornaments on the Hobby Lobby website, I immediately knew I wanted to make them myself (especially since it was like $13 for 4 of them when they’re not on sale, say what?!). Since I already had everything on hand to make them, all it was going to cost me was my time. Hey! I could handle that!


After about an hour, I had six of these adorable ornaments hanging on my tree!

You too can have your very own jute ball ornaments, and I’m going to show you how to make them! Another awesome thing about this tutorial is that you can use ball ornaments that you already have and want to dress them up or recycle them. Hey! I am all about recycling!

Here’s what you need:


  • old ball ornaments (or small styrofoam balls)
  • twine
  • tan or brown fabric (not pictured)
  • small bells
  • red burlap
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • school glue
  • brown paint
  • craft paint brushes


First, lightly paint your bells with the brown paint. Be careful you don’t put too much on or else it will look like poop (seriously). You just want the bells to have a rust kind of look to them.


Then, take the cap and stringing piece off of your ornament. You can just toss those and keep the ornament itself. I originally attempted to string the jute through the cap. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. I mean, I got it to work, but it was way more work than it was worth. So, just toss that puppy!


For the hanging loop, pretend that you don’t see the cap in the picture. I took these before I decided against using the cap and then forgot to take new pictures. Anyway, cut off a piece of your jute string, depending on how big you want your loop. Cross the ends at the bottom (like an X) and add hot glue to the ends. Insert them into the top of the ornament and add more hot glue to keep it secure. Wait for that to dry before continuing.

Now, there are two different things you can do for the next steps. I did it both ways, and the second way was incredibly faster!

source url Without fabric . . .

If you don’t have the fabric, follow this first portion. If you do, skip down.

ornament collage 1

Coat your ornament in the school glue. Then, attach one end of the jute at the top of the ornament with hot glue and start wrapping around your ornament at random. Occasionally add more school glue to help the jute stick to itself. Keep wrapping until you see very minimal amount of ornament poking through. (This is where doing it this way was more difficult because the ornament required a lot more wrapping. I definitely preferred doing it the other way.) With fabric . . .

This way was much faster!

ornament collage 2

Cut off two strips of fabric. Hot glue one end of a fabric piece to the top and wrap it to the other side; hot glue that end into place. With your other piece, do the same for the exposed sides of the ornament. Then, coat your fabric in school glue. Attach one end of the jute at the top of the ornament with hot glue and start wrapping around your ornament at random. Occasionally add more school glue to help the jute stick to itself. Keep wrapping until you see minimal amount of fabric poking through. This is great because the fabric blends with the jute, so there is much less wrapping.


Your jute ball should look something like this when you’re finished wrapping.

Now for the super easy part!



Cut off a relatively thin piece of red burlap (or you can use red burlap ribbon if you have it). Make sure your piece is long enough to tie a knot and have ends hanging off. Longer is better, as you can always snip some off the ends.



Finally, glue your bell on with hot glue, making sure the bottom of the bell is facing out. If you have really miniature bells, you could do two.

Then, hang it on the tree or wherever you’d like and admire your handiwork!

IMG_0157-2 Do you enjoy replicating things you see in stores?

Share some of those projects with me! I’d love to see the things you’ve made!


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