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These past few weeks have been interesting and exciting. We had our cheap lasik surgery in dubai where we found out we are having our first GIRL! I’m still shocked. But, when I finally saw that ultrasound picture, I was more convinced. That picture revealed what were definitely NOT boy parts! There is no mistaking that. Yay for a girl! Oh man am I terrified! lol!

A week ago was also my first centering group appointment. The Naval Hospital recently started a program for pregnant women, called centering groups. It’s basically where they put together groups of pregnant women who are due around relatively the same time, and those women get together once a month and have a “joint” appointment. Don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds. We each privately have our normal checks for weight, fundal height, baby’s heartbeat, etc. But, afterwards we get together and have group discussion. That’s where the fun comes in. The centering groups are optional and are geared more towards first-time moms, but they encourage “seasoned” moms to join the groups for experience and added discussion. I felt really lead of the Lord to go ahead and sign up for a centering group, and I am so glad I did! That first appointment was so much fun! The midwives heading up the group are apparently excited about me being in it, because I’m the most experienced mom and I’ve had all my children at the same Naval Hospital. I’m exceptionally excited about this centering group experience because, cheap lasik eye surgery

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“Do you know who that baby is? That’s Jesus – Jesus Christ!”

I looked up from my phone and saw him standing there, surrounded by a couple young children. He was your son, and he looked like maybe he was about ten years old. I could be wrong. Listening to him speak, I could tell he might be autistic or have some sort of learning disability. None of that matters though because his words pierced my very soul.

“Do you know what Jesus did? He came to be the Savior of the world! He loves us so much that He died on the cross for our sins so that we could be free!”

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I intently listened from across the room. A warmth filled my soul. I listened as your son continued to buy lasix for dogs

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I’ve been busy busy busy this past week! Why? Well, I was getting things ready for our gender reveal party this past Saturday! I think it actually went off pretty well. I can’t wait till we get the photos from our photographer! She did, however, give us a collage preview, and I am beyond excited to get all the photos. We went with a sort of vintage inspired theme. I’ll tell you more about it after I get the pictures and am able to blog all about it. So, if you missed my Facebook post on Saturday, our new little baby is a . . .

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YES! You DO see pink! Can you believe it?! We hardly can. Although, after seeing the ultrasound photos, there is absolutely no mistake. This baby is definitely a girl! We are so stinkin excited! I was actually in pure denial for a while. I kept staring at the cake like it must be a huge mistake. But no, it’s true. We are having a girl! Aaaaaaahhhh! Wondering what my hubby’s reaction was? You can see it below:

I’ll admit that I’m a bit nervous about this baby; more nervous than I was with my last pregnancy. We have been wanting a baby girl for quite some time, and I’m finding myself becoming fearful of something happening. I’m not saying that I wasn’t at all concerned with any of our other babies or that we didn’t want them just as much. It’s just that . . . well, I think you know what I’m trying to say. It’s like I’m afraid my body’s going to do something crazy because it’s a different gender or something. But, no matter what happens, I know God is in control and we just have to trust in Him. So, for the time being, I’m going to revel in the excitement of another baby. Oh boy girl!

*Photography by where to buy lasix.

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Okay, if you haven’t figured it out already, I am obsessed with pallet wood. I LOVE pallet projects! Since I’m on a pallet kick right now, I figured I would go ahead and share with you yet another project that we completed a while back – a pallet American flag. The great thing about this one is that I actually have some step-by-step pictures for you. Oh boy!

The background of these American flag beauties is that one day I decided I wanted a pallet American flag. I think I randomly saw one on Pinterest or Facebook or something and, being the patriotic military wife that I am, knew I just HAD to have one! I pulled up a picture of one and showed my amazing handyman husband and he said, “Sure! I can make that!” I knew there was a reason I love this guy! So, he went pallet shopping scrounging and got to work. order lasix canada

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