Dining Room Table Makeover and An Amazing Giveaway!

Be sure to stick around, after the dining room table reveal, for the awesome giveaway!

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If you had been following my Instagram months ago, then you saw that I was working on this long and arduous project. If you missed that, then perhaps you saw the reveal on my Facebook page.  If you didn’t see that, you’ll get to see it here! Yay!

My husband and I have always wanted a large dining table. Since our family has grown quite a bit over the years, our old table just wasn’t fitting our needs, and we felt like a can of sardines at every meal. Thankfully we weren’t actually eating them. Yuck! (No offense to those who like sardines. Just not my cup of tea, er . . . fish.)


Anyway, I had dreamed of a farmhouse table since like, forever. Then, after binge-watching “Fixer Upper” when we PCS’ed here to Cali, I reeeeaaally wanted a farmhouse table. Unfortunately, they are uber expensive, and the move killed us financially. Thanks for that, Marine Corps. *cough*

While we were still renting a house off base, I came across these farmhouse table and chairs that you see here, on a Facebook local sales page, for a steal of a price. Believe it or not, this thing was beat up! The top had cracks all throughout and some of those cracks went straight through. The top was also painted a florescent aqua color and the captain’s chairs were covered in black fabric and plastic. The set was truly hideous and the moment I saw it, I fell in love! I saw so much potential in these table and chairs. I so badly wish we had gotten before pictures. But, I was so eager to get working on this set that I had forgotten. Ah well. You’ll just have to enjoy all my after pictures now.


To get the table and chairs to their current look, we had to work hard and do a lot. It took several hours but was well worth the hard work. To keep this post from getting too lengthy, I’ll just bullet-point all the work that went into it. We started with the table first, and then did the chairs.


  • My husband used his orbital sander to sand the florescent aqua color off the top of the table and get it nice and smooth.
  • We both then filled in all the cracks with stainable wood filler.
  • We re-sanded the filled-in cracks to make sure the top surface was completely smooth.
  • My husband stained the top with a couple coats of Minwax Honey Wood Stain and sealed it off with a few coats of Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Satin Spray.
  • Once the top was dry and finished, we taped off the under-edges of the top so that I could paint the bottom sides and legs of the table.
  • The painting was done in layers. I first did a layer of chalk paint. I used the Classic Home Cottage Decor Chalk Pain in the Cascade color. It used to be available at Wal Mart, but unfortunately is not sold anymore. How sad! I really liked those chalk paints. (American Decor “Escape” is the closest I’ve been able to find to what I used for my first layer.) The awesome thing about chalk paints is that there is no sanding or priming necessary, so I was able to just paint that bad boy right away.
  • Once that dried, I was able to do the top layer of paint. Before I did that though, I used a technique to make sanding and distressing easier. Using a candle stick, I just rubbed the areas that I wanted to distress. You can also apply petroleum jelly to those areas, and it will do the same thing.
  • I then painted on my top layer using Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. (I absolutely LOVE this color!)
  • After the top layer finished drying, I used pieces of medium grit sandpaper to distress it. Because of the wax from the candle I had used earlier, the distress areas come up really easily.
  • To finish it off, I sealed the paint job with a clear wax.



  • For the chairs, I essentially did the same as the table, except there were a few extra steps. I had to first remove the fabric-covered tops of the two captain’s chairs.
  • I taped off the seats of the rest of the chairs.
  • My husband then sanded down the backs of the captain’s chairs.
  • Because of the wood differences from the table, I stained the backs with one layer of Minwax Dark Walnut Wood Stain and sealed them with the polyurethane satin spray.
  • I then painted the chairs with my first color, the chalk paint, being sure to not paint over the seats of the regular chairs and the backs of the captain’s chairs.
  • Once that layer dried, I used the same candle wax technique and topped off with the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint.
  • I then distressed the chairs and coated them with clear wax.
  • Finally, I removed the plastic and fabric from the seats of the captain’s chairs and replaced the fabric with a beautiful tan and bluish-gray chevron fabric that I got from Walmart, tacking it down on the undersides of the cushions with a staple gun.
  • To protect the fabric, I sprayed it with several coats of Scotchguard.


Between moving into our home on base and getting so many things squared away, it took us roughly two months to complete this makeover project. But, I think it was completely worth it! I’m loving our dining room table. What do you think?

And now for the moment you all have been eagerly waiting for! You have no idea how excited I am about this! My dear friend, Jennifer, is the owner and creator behind The Niche and Nail Home Decor, and she is so incredibly talented!


Jennifer is a fellow Marine wife, and she has become a dear, sweet friend to me since our move here to California. Her talents have led her to start The Niche and Nail.


Here’s a little more about her awesome shop:

The Niche & Nail specializes in custom home decor and rustic wood signs as well as local DIY Workshops. We can customize any sign to match your personal home decor style! All of our signs are made with top quality products to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase. The Niche and Nail is an official USMC Hobbyist. License #16048.

There isn’t much else that I need to say to tell you how amazing her work is! Not only does she make signs, but she does workshops where she helps people make their own signs. It’s like a re-vamped, cottage chic version of the Wine & Paint workshops that you’re always seeing. I personally love the cottage chic style way better!

Why am I telling you all about The Niche and Nail?

This is so awesome! Everyone, my friend Jennifer is giving away one of her signs! What?! Yes, you heard me right. She is giving away her GATHER kitchen sign!

13102749_10154218480646095_2079699818171969505_n (1)

This is not just any ordinary sign. This is a handmade, handpainted sign, and it’s beautiful! I so badly wish I could enter the giveaway myself just so that I could win this awesome sign!

I have butterflies and the giggles because I am that excited about this giveaway! Now, all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter! The giveaway begins at midnight EST on May 6 and ends at midnight EST on May 28. That gives you exactly three weeks to enter the contest and share share share! You seriously do not want to miss out on this awesome prize!


The winner will be announced via Facebook and Instagram on Saturday, May 28 and will also receive an email. If I do not hear back from the winner within 24 hours of announcing, a new winner will be chosen.

Aaaaand GO!

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