I gave THIS to them, and their reactions were priceless . . .

Pictures can sometimes be worth a thousand words, and these pictures speak so much!

If you’ve been following my Instagram and Facebook, then you might remember seeing my picture of the Daddy Dolls that my husband and I ordered for the kids.

Before I go any further, I’m just going to clarify that I was not asked by the Daddy Dolls company to write a blog post about their product. I’m writing this post because I love the concept so much and have already seen how much joy they have brought to our family.

As soon as I saw the package sitting on our doorstep, my stomach fluttered and my heart skipped a beat. It was as if Evan had just come to my doorstep to take me out on a date.

I snatched the package up and immediately ran upstairs and ripped it open. I pulled each doll out one by one and lined them up. As you can see, the dolls are actually like pillows in the shape of a body, and the person’s picture is screen-printed on the pillow. When I pulled out the last Daddy Doll, I felt like the lump in my throat was going to suffocate me. I squeezed it tight to my chest and tears streamed down my face. Oh, how I wish we had bought one for me!

Using my phone, I snapped a photo for social media and put the Daddy Dolls away until I had the right opportunity to give them to the kids. I wanted to make sure I was able to capture pictures, so I had to wait until the evening.

That night, we got home from Bible study, and I told the boys to sit on the couch and close their eyes. While their eyes were closed, I put a doll next to each of them.


I then told them to open their eyes, and the sheer joy on their faces told me that every penny we spent on these was worth it!





It didn’t take long before they started hugging on their Daddy Dolls, and I knew that we had made a good decision. Ian and Isaac both ended up falling asleep with their dolls that night.




One thing is sure, my kids love their daddy, and they miss him very very much.





The only thing better than this will be to have their real daddy in their arms again. I’m so thankful for the Daddy Dolls company and what they do. Because of these “dolls,” my children now feel like they have a piece of their daddy with them

I loved these dolls so much that I contacted the company the next day to see if maybe they would have a coupon or a special that I could offer to all of you on my blog. And you know what? They did! They gave me a 15% off coupon that I am able to share with all of you!


15% off is an incredible deal for these dolls! At checkout, you just simply use the code, PROUD15, to get your discount.

I should add that these dolls are not just for military. Anybody can buy them and use them. So, perhaps you have a child who struggles with separation anxiety. You could get him or her a doll of yourself.

There are so many awesome things I could say about these daddy dolls, but I feel like the pictures said it all. These Daddy Dolls are worth every penny!

Have you ever gotten a Daddy Doll for your child or someone else?



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