3 Important Reasons To Teach Your Children Anatomical Names of Their Private Parts


In this post, I discuss three very important reasons your children need to know the proper, anatomical names for their private parts. You’re in for a treat today, because I actually did a video instead of writing a post! So, feel free to watch below for part three of my “Protecting Your Child from Predators” series!

If you’re just joining me in this series, let me help you get caught up!

In part one, I discuss six ways you, as a parent, can help protect your child from predators:


In part two, I touch on policies that your church needs to have for protection from predators.


Stay tuned for more posts coming up, within this series!


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  • Bailey

    I found your vlog to be SO informative!!! Not that Andy and I are planning on having kids anytime soon, but I definitely want to discuss this with him because it would make for an interesting discussion over lunch.

    • Yes! It is so important, and discussing it before kids will get you guys on the same page. Not to mention, it will allow another opportunity to be bonded. The safety of your future children is so important! I know God is ultimately the One protecting our children, but He also gives us resources to protect us against the sin of this world.

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  • Daron Anderson

    Does the video have subtitles? I am deaf, and cannot make out what you are saying in the video. I have two daughters, and I am really interested in what you said in that video.