Deployment Goals: June Update

You may remember that I had written a deployment goals post back in May. In that post, I outlined my goals for my personal life, blogging, Etsy shops, and photography. These are goals that I want to try to accomplish before my husband returns from his deployment.

I know we’re almost halfway through July already, but I wanted to give my update for how I did in June.

Overall, I’m not so sure I did too well, considering the kids and I spent almost all month traveling (which is something I will definitely be blogging about in the coming weeks).



  1. Lose 60 lbs. – Weeeell, I’m still at the 60 lb marker. BUT, considering the kids and I spent almost all of June traveling and not eating very healthy, I think that still being at the 60 lb mark is good. At least I didn’t gain weight! Since we are now a little over halfway through the deployment, I think 60 lbs might be a bit of a stretch, so I’ve decided to lower my expectations to 40 lbs. Maybe if I give myself a more reachable goal, I’ll be more motivated to try to attain it.
  2. Cut our debt in half! – *cough* Well, the vacation kind of prevented any substantial progress in this area.
  3. Spend time with the Lord every day. – Though I haven’t been able to do daily detailed devotions, I’ve been trying my best to at least talk to the Lord each day and read a verse or two. I’m currently reading through Romans and have been learning so much!
  4. Establish a better daily routine for the kids. – Ha! This definitely did NOT happen in June because of all the traveling we did.
  5. Making chore charts for the kids and myself. – Once again, something that has not happened yet.
  6. Take the kids to the park more often. – Because of our travels, this was difficult, however, the kids did get a lot of outside time.
  7. Create a good working schedule for all of my business needs. – Still haven’t done this. Yeah, I need to get around to that.
  8. Finish baby nursery. – Still hasn’t happened yet.

*Overall, pretty much no improvement in the “personal” category. Ugh!


  1. Blog at least three times a week. – I posted only 6 times in the month of June. Ack!
  2. Write free E-book. – nope
  3. Run a new giveaway once a month. – Didn’t have one.
  4. Respond to comments and emails within 24 hours. – Still struggling with this.
  5. Be more interactive on social media and through emails. – I did really well with social media but struggled with emails.

Etsy Shops

*I closed my shops for all of June, since I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them while we traveled.


  1. Learn more and practice more. – I was able to get in quite a bit of practice.
  2. Book at least one photo shoot per month. – I wasn’t able to get a photo shoot in during June.
  3. Complete current editing projects. – I got one finished and another mostly finished.

Okay, so June was pretty awful. Like I said, we traveled the whole month. I’m already seeing much more improvement in July, so here’s hoping the July update will be so much better!


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