A Different Kind of Freedom

All over America there are fireworks crackling and fizzing in the sky. They are celebrating America’s freedom. The freedom that has been fought for with blood and sweat. The independence from tyranny. The freedom to worship and go as we please. It’s a precious freedom. Yet, it’s a freedom that has been taken for granted.


As I sit here with my little baby girl in my arms, I can’t help but wonder if she’ll get to experience that freedom.

So many things are changing. I’ll admit that I’m terrified to think of the world that my children will be growing up in. Will they get to taste the freedom that their daddy is helping to fight to maintain?


To be honest, I’m not sure.

But, I can’t help but smile amidst the angst. No matter what this country comes to. No matter what freedoms get stripped away, if they get stripped away. No matter how hard this life gets . . .

There is a different kind of freedom that can never be taken. It’s a freedom that I hope all of my children come to know.

Freedom in Jesus Christ.

Freedom from the power of sin.

Freedom from death.

Freedom from the chains of hell.

Freedom to fall into the arms of God.

Freedom to let go.

Freedom to be His. His child. Forever.

Can I tell you about this freedom? This is a freedom that only God can give. You know the phrase “All gave some and some gave all?” In this case,

One gave all for all.

Do you feel like you have come to a place where you can’t go anymore? You feel stuck, unloved, unwanted. Can I tell you about my Savior?

He came for the stuck, unloved, and unwanted. He came for the world. He came for the sinners. He came for all of us.

We all needed saving, but the only one who could save us from ourselves was someone pure and holy. So, God sent His Son, Jesus, down to earth to do that. Unfortunately, the only way we can be free from sin is through spiritual death. But, none of us are even good enough to accomplish that freedom.

But Jesus.

Jesus was holy and did not sin. He loved us so much that He took our place and gave up His life. He died for the world. He died for me. He died for YOU! He did that because He loves you so much, and He wants you to spend eternity in pure joy with Him!

He wants you to be FREE! He has broken the chains! He has set you free.

All you have to do is take it. Accept Him. Believe in Him. Allow Him to break you from your chains.


Take His freedom, for that is the only freedom that cannot be taken from you!

That is a different kind of freedom.

It is the BEST kind of freedom!

Will you accept Him? Do you want Him in your life? If you have any questions, PLEASE email me! I would be so happy to tell you about the amazing freedom I have come to know through Jesus Christ!

*Photo of Ian and me was taken by Portraits by Heather.


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