Mommy Can Be Selfish Too

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Sometimes mommy wants to be just a little bit selfish too.


I remember it like it was yesterday. My oldest was not even two years old and I was largely pregnant with our second. I had made some puppy chow and so badly wanted to eat some. But, I didn’t want my son to see me, because he had just had a small bowlful. So, I waited until he was playing with some toys and quickly sneaked into the kitchen.

I swear, it doesn’t matter how quiet you are,¬†they will come! I slowly pried the lid off the container and just as the few pieces of puppy chow were about to reach my mouth, I sensed a presence.


Nemo sea gulls instantly flashed through my mind.

I hesitantly peered over to see large brown eyes looking up at me and hands outstretched for some of my treat. I sighed but couldn’t help smiling as I handed him the treat that was supposed to go in my mouth. (Okay, I might have turned around and shoveled in a handful after he walked away.)

Little did I know that that was going to be the beginning of years of hiding in the pantry, behind open refrigerator (and freezer) doors and even the bathroom (tell me i’m not the only one), to sneak in treats that I didn’t have to share. I was successful some of the time, but it’s like my kids had a silent alarm system attached to those stinkin’ fridge doors!

As time has gone on, I’ve come to realize something . . .

Mommy can be selfish too.

Moms, sometimes we need something that is ours and just ours.

It’s okay to be a little selfish.

We spend so much time giving and sharing. We share the food off of our dinner plates because our children would rather eat what’s on our plates instead of theirs (even though it’s the¬†same exact thing)! We find ourselves even sharing the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. Mommy has to go potty? Oh good! Party time! Let’s see how many kids we can cram into the bathroom to watch mommy go potty. Oh believe me, I don’t enjoy sharing my potty breaks. It just happens. And I’m not about to shut the door. Hmm, nope. Who knows what could happen while I’m in there and they are running loose in the house! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have bad kids. But have you ever witnessed what kids can do in T-minus 10 seconds? No? Come visit my house some time. It’s why I’m suddenly sprouting gray hair.

You know, I even decided to buy extra dark chocolate (i’m talking 87% dark) because I was convinced that it was going to be a mommy only treat. I even let my children try it to prove to them that they wouldn’t like it. Well, wouldn’t you know, my kids decided in that moment that they LOVE dark chocolate and want to ALWAYS share it with mommy!

I almost took defeat.

I almost figured in that moment that it was never going to happen. I would forever be sharing everything.

And then I put my foot down.

Mommy is NOT going to share everything! It is time I find a treat that I call my own and simply tell the kids, “Sorry kids, this is for mommy only. I don’t share this.” Then I had to decide what my treat was going to be.

I was recently walking through Food4Less (a Kroger banner store), which I love shopping at because they sell a lot of bulk items and everything is incredibly easy to find. Anyway, I came across a new OREO product – OREO Thins. They looked pretty yummy, so I figured I would give it a try.


Oh. my. word!

These things are SO good!


They are so hard to stop eating and are deliciously deceptive. Though four of them are the same calories of only two regular, you can’t stop at four. You can seriously just pop them in your mouth all at once because they are so thin, crisp, and delicate. You might think that you’ll do better with the OREO Thins, instead of the regular OREOs. Ha!

I can’t even talk these up enough. They are so good! I found my “selfish mommy” treat!


You might have a different treat that you want to utilize as your “selfish mommy” treat, but I strongly recommend OREO Thins! They are simply divine!

I also strongly recommend waiting until the kids are in bed before pulling out your treat. You want to avoid jealousy as much as possible. When the kids are finally in bed, set yourself up with some OREO Thins and a glass of milk, and settle down to enjoy the peace of not sharing.

OREO Thins might not be the “selfish mommy” treat you have in mind, but I really think you should give them a try. I am positive that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


And don’t feel guilty about taking a treat like this and calling it yours and only yours. Mommy needs a break sometimes, and that break can include something that will help you stay sane . . . a little something that you can enjoy all on your own.

Mommy can be selfish too.

Are the kids in bed? Great! Pull up a chair. I’ve got some milk and OREO Thins.


Just kidding.

These are MINE!

What will be your “selfish mommy” treat?

Do you think OREO Thins would make the cut?


OREO Thins at Kroger (July 2016)


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