Post-Baby Confidence Boosting Essentials for Your Purse

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Motherhood can sometimes be messy, bladder control issues included. But, none of that has to keep you from feeling beautiful each day. Keep these post-baby essentials on hand to help you maintain beauty and confidence all day long.


You know those nightmares you had when you were a teenager (okay, maybe even as an adult), when you were caught with your pants down and you were desperately scrambling to get pants on? Never in my life did I imagine I would experience something like that in real life.

I’m totally, 100%, scout’s honor serious!

If you were driving the highway between Arizona and California last month and saw the bare butt of an almost 30-year old woman on the side of the road, I confess, that was me. I can’t believe I’m actually telling this story, and I’m trying so hard to not guffaw at myself right now.

I peed my pants.

While driving.

In the middle of nowhere.

Ya’ll, this is what motherhood does to you. . . . Bladder control is, ahem, pretty non-existent in these parts ever since giving birth to our little brood of crazies.

I was driving along, with the kids in the back, minding my own business, singing merrily along with the radio. Then the urge came . . .

Actual photo of my distress.

My mind did one of those slow motion “oh nooooo”s. It always goes in order. First the urge. Then the trickle. Then the inevitable flood gates break open.

The next few minutes were a quick pull to the side of the highway, scramble for one of the kids’ diapers . . . yes, a diaper, because there was no way I was getting out and squatting in the middle of the desert where there is absolutely NOTHING to hide behind . . . and a FAILED attempt to try to pee in said diaper. Who knew that adults pee way more than kids do. Who knew. Let’s just say, it didn’t hold it all.

So, I dashed out of the van in a desperate attempt to change my pants with no concealment whatsoever while praying my poor little heart out that my naked booty would not come into view of any unsuspecting passersby.

Why, oh why is it so hard to put on pants when you’re in a hurry?! I fell. You guys, I fell while trying to put clean pants on. It was not my finest hour. Once I got the new pair on, I tossed my wet stuff in a bag, cleaned off the driver seat and got back on my way, all the while wishing I had had something in my purse to help hold the floodgates back in a little bit longer. Or at least having something to handle the trickle would have been better. The peeing my pants? Okay, that was sort of my fault. I should have thought the diaper thing through a little better.

I wish I could say I was just one in a million (or even trillion), but I hear stories like this all the time from other moms – a nurse in training who peed her pants while laughing at a friend’s joke, a mom friend who trickled while riding a roller coaster, another mom who trickles a bit every time she does squats or jumping jacks . . .

This is a relatively common problem for moms. But it doesn’t have to keep us down.

We can still rock this mom thing, despite bladder issues, and feel amazing! So, for any new or expecting moms, I have put together a list of post-baby purse essentials that can be your rescue and help you keep feeling beautiful all day long.



Motherhood doesn’t always avail you time to do your makeup. But, that doesn’t have to stop you from feeling pretty. Carry some lip gloss or lip stick in your purse, that you can swipe on on those days that you might not have had time to do your makeup. It’s amazing how much more confidence you can gain from simply putting on some lip gloss. You don’t have to do the full makeup gamut to feel pretty.


I can’t tell you how many times I have needed or wanted a hair tie and not had one. Oh man, I could have definitely used one after my side of the road fiasco. I looked like a crazed out woman. You could have handed me a broom to straddle, and I would have called it a day. A hair tie would have certainly helped me feel a bit more put together that day. Write it down. Hair ties. You need hair ties. Lots of them. Trust me. They have a tendency to get lost . . . kind of like socks.


Already have your hair pulled back in a messy bun but still feel like that mom who just got out of bed? Put a pin in it. Find yourself some pretty bobby pins that you keep specifically in your purse. It’s amazing how much a cute little bobby pin can dress up your hair style!



So many times, when you’re in a rush, you don’t even think about earrings. But, if you’re like me, you feel naked without earrings. The feeling is almost the same to me as if I were to forget my wedding rings. I feel so blah without earrings. So, I try to always keep a pair of neutral earrings in my purse for those times that I might forget. Earrings seem to instantly make me feel better.


A must. This is a must. Let’s talk about sweaty armpits, shall we? When you are a mom, you suddenly sweat so much more. Not to mention, you are chasing kids all day long. Then there are the emergency trips or dashing out the door. Once again, an essential can easily be forgotten and you’re reminded 15 minutes later by the stench of your own body odor. Suddenly, you start sniffing things, praying and hoping it’s not you. Then, you do the discreet self-pit-sniff (which is not really all that discreet), and you are blasted with your own smell. But, it’s okay, because you already have a travel-sized deodorant in your purse! Thank goodness!


Because we all know that at some point, teeth brushing will be forgotten. Gotta keep the breath fresh!



And last, but most definitely not least, the gem of them all . . . Poise Bladder Support products. Some of you might remember when I last talked about Poise Impressa Bladder Support a year ago. That thing is a life saver if you struggle with the random spurts that happen when you are sneezing, laughing, exercising, or whatever. It’s soft and flexible and is inserted into the vagina to help support the urethra. I’ve used this and seriously, it works! I know of a couple moms who also use it, and they love it.


Then, there are the Poise Thin Shape Moderate Absorbency Pads. Oh, how I wish I had one of these on my accident-filled trip. You know, I used to wear a pantiliner every day, to handle the unsuspecting trickles that happen, but those just don’t hold up. The Poise Thin Shape Moderate Absorbency Pads are 40% thinner than a regular pad and have a Dry-Touch top layer that moves the moisture away from your body. The sides of each pad are also equipped with Leak-Block technology to help keep leaks under control and the center is an absorb-loc core that helps lock away wetness and odor. Since starting to use these, I honestly feel so much better. I feel cleaner and more confident in going about my daily life. Even if (more like, when) I experience any sudden leaks, I don’t have to rush to the bathroom to make sure there isn’t any evidence of the leakage on my pants. I can be confident in knowing that my Poise Thin Shape pad has absorbed the leaks.

I know it might seem shocking to hear that a woman in her late 20’s has bladder issues. But, like I said, it is not uncommon for moms, especially moms of multiple children.

I won’t let my issues get me down though, and I’m thankful for products that can help me feel function like the confident woman I want to be. I can still be confident despite the random leaks, and Poise Bladder Support products help me with that. I was able to find mine in the incontinence aisle at Rite Aid, and you can head on over there to get yours too!


So, whether you’re a new or seasoned mom, grab a cute little bag and put together your post-baby purse essentials. Be prepared to keep yourself feeling pretty and confident all day long!

If you battle with bladder control, know that you are not alone! There are many other women who deal with it and are still able to feel confident every day! You can go {here} to read more stories and tutorials like mine.

What are some other post-baby purse essentials you like to add?


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