Slow To Speak

As I watch the firestorm roar its way through Facebook, my heart wrenches and I’m upset. But, I’m not upset for the reasons that you might think. The evidence is screaming at our faces. We have become a people who are not slow to speak.

Slow to speak

We let our words fall prey to the heat of our passions, and our reputations stand before the firing line of our own emotions.

We have become a Nation that expects people to take sides. For those who know Christ, the only side that should be taken is God’s. We are to live lives that shine for Him. Live the right, pray over the wrong. Pray for how God wants us to handle the wrong and help those who are hurting.

Instead of praying, we are speaking.

We are letting our tongues fly free and our fingers roam wrecklessly.

And those who are choosing to stay silent are looked at as if they don’t care.

Maybe we need to learn from the silent ones.

Being slow to speak involves fortitude and strength. Being slow to speak means you are willing to wait for the whole story, no matter what “side” you are on. Being slow to speak means you are willing to pray in the waiting.

We have become so quick to cause divides. We are speaking at the height of our emotions, when that’s the time we should be waiting. We have let ourselves becomes fools with words instead of the wise with careful thoughts.

I’m watching friends tear at each other, and it pains me to no end.

We are the problem. Our words are the problem.

Let us not become part of the problem.

Let us wait and pray.

Let us be wise.

Let us be quick to listen.

Slow to anger.

Slow to speak.

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. – James 1:19 NLT


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