DIY No-Sew Canopy Imagination Tent

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Sometimes, your children just need a vehicle for their imaginations to go wild! This DIY no-sew canopy imagination tent is sure to do the trick!


Our family has been going through a season . . . a forever long season, it feels like. I’m in a season of diapers, potty-training, and bed-wetting. But, GoodNites Bedtime Pants and Bed Mats have been making this season a little bit more manageable, as well as this diy no-sew canopy imagination tent that I’m going to teach you how to make!

Does anybody else have potty-training at the top of the list of their fun activities? No? Yeah, me neither.

I have one son, almost 6, who sleeps like a rock at night and barely makes it to the bathroom.

I have another son who is almost 4, and I’m desperately trying to get him to potty-train but there’s a lot of resistance. It’s been fun. (I hope you can sense my sarcasm.)

Then, I have another son that is almost 3, who is so excited about the idea of going on the potty but then hops off as soon as I put him on. I’m trying to get him to understand what going on the potty actually means.

“We don’t just go ON the potty; we go potty IN the potty.” I think I say that a million times a day. Okay, maybe ten, but it feels like a million.

I’ve made it my goal to have the two younger boys potty-trained and my oldest completely waking up before my husband returns from deployment. I’m not sure if we’ll make it, but it’s worth the effort!

I think my oldest may have inherited his deep-sleeping, struggling to make it to the bathroom in time issues from his father. My mother-in-law has stories about my husband having bed-wetting issues when he was a young boy because he would sleep so hard that he just wouldn’t wake up to his screaming bladder. They ended up having to buy this sensory, bed-wetting alarm system to help train his body to wake up when his bladder says it’s time to go.

(Sorry for outing you, babe. It’s okay, you were little. But hey, 1 in 6 kids ages 4-10 wet the bed once or twice a week even after being potty-trained.  So, don’t feel too bad. You weren’t alone. There were many other kids like you; they just didn’t admit it.)

You know what though? To this day, my husband has the uncanny ability to sleep through a screaming bladder and still not wet the bed. His poor kidneys.

Needless to say, potty-training and bed-wetting makes life a little bit stressful and can make the bedroom a dreaded place. I like to hang onto a little thing my mother-in-law likes to say . . . “Hey, at least they won’t be in diapers when they’re 18! They’ll figure it out by then.” I like to run that through my head when I need a good laugh.

I decided it was time to do something cool and fun. My boys have crazy active imaginations, and I wanted to give them a place where they could go and let their imaginations run wild. They can be cowboys, astronauts, fishermen, hikers, anything! That’s when the idea for the imagination tent was born. It’s a little place they can call their own and imagine away.

The only problem is, I can’t sew. Oh, I can sew by hand just fine. But, put me in front of a sewing machine, and I haven’t the least bit idea of knowing what I’m doing.

So, for all those other crafty people out there who also know nothing about using a sewing machine, here is a tutorial for you! I’m going to show you how to make a no-sew canopy imagination tent.

diy no sew canopy tent

To start, you need:

  • hula hoop (large size)
  • 6 yards of favorite fabric (I had 48″ fabric.)
  • thick jute twine
  • 1-2 spools of large ribbon (1 18 foot spool should be enough)
  • hot glue gun


I have to say that I absolutely love this anchor fabric! It goes perfectly with the “transportation” theme of the boys’ room.


Okay, to begin, you want to cut four 3″ pieces of ribbon.


Then, follow these next steps carefully:

  • Place one piece of ribbon under the hula hoop.
  • Put a dab of hot glue on the top side of the hula hoop and bring one edge of the ribbon up and attach to the hula hoop.
  • Put a dab of hot glue on top of the attached ribbon end and bring the other end up and attach it.
  • You do not want to pull the ribbon tight. Make sure there is some space hanging underneath that will allow you to weave your twine through.



Then, do this three more times around the edges of your hula hoop.


Next, you are going to cut your fabric into three parts. If you have wider fabric or a smaller hoop, you might only need to cut it in half.

Then, you are going to “sew” fabric with the hot glue. First, start with hemming the bottoms of the pieces by doing lines of glue and folding up the ends. (Make sure you are folding it up on the non-patterned side.)


You will then attach the three pieces together. Placing your pieces side by side, put the two patterned edges together, so that the rough seam is on the inside.


You are going to glue these together, like you see in the picture.


This is what the seam will then look like.


After you glue the three pieces together, “hem” the two open sides like you did with the bottom hem.


Next, you are going to do the loop for the tie-off at the top of the fabric. Lay your ribbon down on the edge of the top of the fabric, leaving at least an inch or so of fabric above the ribbon. Then, wrap the fabric over the ribbon and glue it down making sure to not accidentally glue down the ribbon. You want the ribbon to be free to pull tightly.


Then, cut your twine into four pieces for the length that you need. I did three foot pieces. Weave each piece through the ribbon loops on the hula hoop.


Pull all eight rope edges together and then tie in a big knot at the top.


Wrap your fabric around the hula hoop and pull the ribbon tightly, allowing the fabric to bunch up. You will need to adjust the fabric as it bunches. Then, tie off your ribbon and trim the ends to your liking.


I don’t have any pictures for these next few steps.

But, you are going to want to take two of the pieces of your twine ends and hot glue then together to make a loop for hanging. I recommend using the two inner pieces. Then, cut off the rest of the ends or tuck them around the ropes.

Then, attach a hanging hook to your ceiling. You could probably get away with using a large mug hook, but I recommend using one of the plant hanger hooks.

Finally, hang your diy no-sew canopy imagination tent on the hook. Fill the tent with pillows, books, or whatever else your children would like! There you have it! A completely diy no-sew project requiring absolutely no sewing whatsoever!


My boys absolutely love this tent and are now constantly fighting over who gets to play in it. I have a feeling this is going to become a part of our new “quiet time” areas rotation.

diy no sew canopy tent


Now my children have a fun place that they love to hang out, where they can let their imagination run wild. In addition, they all have the confidence of knowing that they can go to bed and still be okay if accidents happen. The GoodNites Bedtime Pants look and feel like underwear, so my son can feel confident and not embarrassed about a diaper.


The awesome thing about this DIY no-sew canopy imagination tent is that you can find everything you need for it at Walmart. Not only that, you can get the GoodNites products at Walmart as well. While supplies last, you can go {here} to get a $2 off coupon! The coupon will be live during certain periods, so be sure to keep checking back for more chances to get the coupon!


Do you have a potty-trained child that struggles with bed-wetting at night? What are some tips you use to help him or her overcome the bed-wetting?


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