She Wouldn’t Let Me Wash My Hands (Cross-Country Road Trip)

I was crazy. I took the kids and me on a cross-country road trip for a month!

If the title captured your attention, don’t worry, I will explain that later. So . . . I mentioned in previous posts that the kids and I took a cross-country road trip back in June. Well, I am now FINALLY getting around to telling you all about it, beyond the time I peed my pants on the side of the highway.

So, where did we go? Well, in a tiny nutshell, this is what our agenda looked like:

  • Arizona – stayed with friends overnight
  • Oklahoma – visited my oldest sister and her family
  • Kentucky – visited another sister and her family
  • Kentucky – Bailey’s wedding
  • Kentucky – back to my sister’s
  • Branson, Missouri – met up with some old college friends and got to see “Moses” at Sight & Sound
  • Oklahoma – back to my oldest sister’s for another week
  • Texas – visited my husband’s grandmother and got to go to Magnolia Market & The Silos TWICE! (It’s okay; you can be jealous. Ha!)
  • Arizona – stayed with same friends again
  • Home!

Of course, there were some hotel stops along the way, but that was the gist of our road trip. Since SO much occurred on this trip, I’m going to break it up into parts.

I had this goal of making videos every day. Umm, yeah . . . that was a bit of a fail! BUT, I did get two! So, I will be sharing those.

When we left California, it was HOT, and I was so glad to be getting away for a bit!

It was clearly so hot that I felt the need to use the “peace” symbol so many times. Good gracious!


Anyway, we left California and drove to the cooler climate of Arizona. Ha! Umm, pretty sure it was hotter there. Those poor people. How ever do they survive?

Here’s where a cool story comes in. You’re going to think I’m absolutely nuts.

Before we left for our road trip, I had mentioned it on a Christian moms facebook group that I’m a part of. I can’t remember if I had asked for prayer or something. Well, one of the moms commented on my post and asked if we had places to stay overnight during the trip. When I said we would be using hotels, she offered to open up her home for us when we drove through Arizona! Call me crazy, but I accepted the offer.

I know what you’re all thinking, “What if she was a crazy murderer or psycho or something?”

Oh believe me, thoughts like that swam through my head at first. Sorry, girl! But, I thought long and hard and felt good about it. You guys, I’m so glad I did! I ended up making a new sweet friend who is just awesome and an incredible hostess! (And she makes wicked awesome breakfast cake!)

And here’s the kicker . . . her name is Lydia too! I’ll admit, it did feel kind of odd saying my own name, but it wasn’t too hard after a little while.

enter site OKLAHOMA

After leaving Arizona, we spent a couple days on the road and found a few fun little stops along the way (at gas stations).

cross country road trip

One stop was, well, less than pleasant, I have to admit.

I think I seem a lot more snarky in my video than I intended to be. I was just so flabbergasted with the way I was treated. To be fair, she was probably having a bad day. It doesn’t excuse being rude to people, but it does provide a little more perspective on the situation.

After a few days on the road, we finally arrived in Oklahoma. Oh man, I miss my sisters so much, and it was such a blast spending time with my oldest sister! It was so awesome to be able to relax and stay up late and chat.
It was also during this time that Evan and I made a huge life decision! You know, no biggie. This would be a great spot for an emoji, but alas, I don’t have a way of putting those in my post. I’m pretty sure it would be considered blog tacky or something.

And, of course, my idiot self did not get a photo with my sister. Seriously?! (Not even on the trip back! I know, what is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I have four kids sucking my brain. That’s an excuse, right?)

see url KENTUCKY

After spending about a week with my oldest sister, we drove to another sister’s house in Kentucky. I decided to do that drive all in one trek, and that was absolutely stupid. Yeah, never doing that again. But, we made it alive, and I never fell asleep at the wheel. So, I think that just earned me several brownie points!

And once again, I didn’t get a picture with my sister. Ugh!

But, when I came back from Bailey‘s wedding (which I will post about tomorrow), I did get a picture of Isaac with his twin cousin . . .

cross country road trip

Seriously, these two are identical in almost every way, just opposite genders. And they love each other to pieces! Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute?!

Kentucky was a whirlwind, and we had a blast! My sister and brother-in-law introduced me to some yummy new wines, and I got a little organization happy and organized my sister’s kitchen/dining room area. I’m a bit obsessed with mason jars and filled her pantry with mason jars with chalkboard labels. She loved it, so I guess the organization freak in me did okay!

I miss my sister to pieces and can’t wait to see her again. This being states away from all of my family really stinks!

I know I didn’t really go into too many details, but if I did, I would be doing vacation posts for forever. I didn’t want this to turn into an epic long post series.

So, you get the crumbs. Sorry, not sorry.

If you’ve been through Arizona, Oklahoma, or Kentucky, what are some cool places to visit, so that I can jot those down as “must sees” the next time we pass through those states?


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