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“Mommy, why does daddy have to work for so long? Why can’t he come back?”

A lump caught in my throat as I bit my lip to fight the tears that threatened to spill out. There was no denying it had been a rough day for us. Daddy was already gone for several months, and we were still waiting for the end to be in sight. That day was particularly rough for all of us, and my 3-year old son was just expressing his desire for daddy to return from deployment.

He didn’t understand why daddy had to be gone for so long.

I continued to stroke his hair while his head laid in my lap.

“Daddy just has a very special job, buddy, and he can’t come home until it’s finished. But, I know he thinks about you every single day and he can’t wait to give you a great big bear hug!”

“Yeah,” he smiled. I could still hear the pain in his voice.

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I love cake smash photos! I think it is so stinkin adorable to see the delight on the kiddos’ faces when they taste that icing for the first time or the disgust when they can’t understand why they are being asked to touch that sticky, sugary stuff.

There was definitely no disgust this past weekend, when I did a cake smash photo shoot with our baby girl. I never did one with the boys and now I am kicking myself! The photos turned out so well!

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I have to say that the success of the photos was partly due to the super cute where can i buy lasix tablets that I got from the gorgeous Ashlyn over at Loves The Find.

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Ashlyn is pretty much a new kindred spirit. She loves coffee, finding vintage deals, DIY projects, and anything budget-friendly! Sound familiar? If she didn’t live so far away, I’m pretty sure a girl date at a local coffee shop would be in order.

She is here on the blog today, to share some super cute and awesome DIY ideas and tips for an amazing birthday cake smash photo shoot! buy lasix diuretic

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They were at it again. I could hear my boys squabbling over yet another episode of “Special Agent Oso.” It had come to the end of the episode where the stuffed bear agent “rewards” the viewing children with a special medal.

My boys always, without fail, will start arguing long before the medal part shows up. They argue over who is going to be the winner of the medal. Sometimes it gets pretty heated. They will even get physical with each other on occasion. It’s actually quite comical for me to witness.

When they first started fighting over the silly medal on this tv show, I almost stepped in.

I almost stepped in and told them that they needed to share the medal; that everyone wins.

Then, I stopped myself. buy lasix paypal

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I have this peach-colored, stretchy kind of shirt that had been sitting in my shirt drawer for what seemed like forever. It had been a while since I’d last worn it because it seemed to always fit the wrong way.

It hugged all of my curves, both the good ones and the ones that I would rather keep hidden. You know those unattractive back rolls? Yeah, this momma has them. One of these days I won’t have them anymore. I hope.

But, I did just spend several years in a row being pregnant constantly. As much as I tried keeping the weight off, six pregnancies in 5 years (four of them resulting in live births) don’t really give the body adequate time to recover. Throw in a couple years of severe postpartum depression, and you can imagine the impact my weight has received.

I decided to give the shirt another try. I slipped it on and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked slim. I felt beautiful. It didn’t seem to hug my curves like usual. A burst of confidence surged through me!

I got so excited and ran to the bathroom scale. I stepped on it, eager to see my apparent progress. The number that blinked back at me was not what I expected. Instead of losing, I had GAINED two pounds! No, it was not a result of working out and gaining muscle. I haven’t worked out in quite some time. I know; shame on me.

My confidence shattered and sprinkled all over the floor around me. I got off the scale and put it away, discouragement slowly filling inside me.

I stepped in front of the mirror again, and this time I didn’t see the slim woman I saw before. My curves looked awkward, and the shirt no longer seemed flattering.

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