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Remembering . . .

Almost every day Ian and I will go for a walk together to get some fresh air, and it gives me time to think. For most of each day, my senses are filled with squeals, baby babble, poopy diapers, never-ending musical toys, and anything else baby. So, I look forward to every time my son and I can get out and enjoy the outdoors. Today, much of my thinking took me back to memories of Evan’s deployment. My heart felt heavy just remembering the loneliness, tears, and all the other emotions deployments shower on those left on the homefront. And then I remembered a song I had written. It was pretty much my aching prayer to God, for Him to bring my husband safely home. Well, God answered that prayer, and it’s hard to believe that, at the end of this month, my husband will have been home (unharmed) for four whole months. God is so good!
I’ve shared my song with many friends and family, but I wanted to also share it with the blogging world. My brother has since composed music to these words. Perhaps we’ll make a video of it sometime when he comes back from Afghanistan.

Military Wife (Bring Him Home) by Lydia E.

The rain is pouring;
My heart is aching,
And all I can see
Is him here with me.
He’s gone right now;
Freedom his flight.
Please show me how
To endure it tonight.

(Chorus): Oh, please God, please bring him home.
I feel so alone.
This I cannot bear.
Oh Oh, please God, please bring him home.
I feel so alone,
But I know you’re there. . .
Guiding him,
Protecting him,
And cov’ring him with Your hand.
Yes Lord, You are
Guiding him,
Protecting him,
And cov’ring him with Your hand.

(Bridge): His words on each page
Of letters I crave.
Allow me to hope
And help me to cope.
Though now I cry,
I’ll hope he’s safe.
For him I’ll try
T’keep a smile on my face.

The dark is daunting.
The dreams are haunting.
Lord, please let me hear
His voice drawing near.
What can I do,
Now until then?
You’ll pull me through
Till I hold him again.

Oh, please God, please bring him home.
I feel so alone.
This I cannot bear.
Oh oh, please God, please bring him home.
I feel so alone,
But I know You’re there. . .
I’m trusting You.
I’m begging You.
Bring him home.
Bring him home, to me.
Lord, I’m trusting You.
I’m begging You.
Bring him home.
Bring him home. . .

Oh Sad Day

Sadness and sorrow started off my morning today. No, it wasn’t because of Ian’s screaming for me to get him out of his crib. That’s normal; totally used to it. No, I didn’t find out Ian’s favorite tv show was no longer playing. There will be rejoicing the day that happens. I can only take so many re-runs of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” And no, I didn’t wake up from a bad dream. In fact, I woke up to a bad dream . . . well, reality. My Marine went to work in his desert camis with the sleeves unrolled. *sniff sniff*
“Isn’t that normal?” you ask. It didn’t used to be. Desert camis were only worn with sleeves down during training and deployments. All other times, the sleeves would be rolled up. Now, the times have changed. The Marine Corps has set a new standard saying that sleeves will be down on all uniforms at all times. I first heard about this new rule a couple weeks ago, when my husband came home saying there was a rumor about it. I didn’t believe it. Then, days later, he confirmed it was true, and I began reading multiple blogposts by other Marine wives, talking about it. I still wouldn’t let myself believe it. I was in sheer denial. Then, I could deny it no more. The nightmare is true. I cried a tear of despair when my husband kissed me goodbye this morning and embraced me with sleeved arms. Okay, so I’m exaggerating, but I really am upset out this new change.

Why am I upset? Because, not only are the Marines set apart simply by who they are, but also by the way they looked in their desert camis. The rolled sleeves looked so sharp. It gave them an attractive edge. Learning how to roll their sleeves forced discipline and responsibility. It made them more careful about how their uniforms looked. I’m not saying that not having to roll their sleeves now will bring on an onslaught of irresponsibility. I’m just saying that it’s allowing room for laziness. I loved the way my husband looked in his rolled-sleeves deserts. *sigh* I still love how he looks, but I sure do miss that extra edge!

Hubby says the rumored reason for the change is that in case any of the bases got attacked, the Marines wouldn’t have to spend time unrolling their sleeves. He followed this statement with a very good point. If a base got attacked, the last thing on the Marines’ minds would be to unroll their sleeves. “Hold on fellas, please stop shooting while I unroll my sleeves.” Are you kidding?! They could be in their underwear, for pete’s sake, and would fight with a pen, if that’s all they had. At that point, they wouldn’t be too worried about how they looked or what they were wearing. They’re Marines! They’ll fight no matter what, wearing no matter what!

Look at that hottie! (I mean him. lol)
This picture is from his SOI graduation and during my pregnancy with our son.

*Disclaimer: I do not inted to come across as if one branch is better than the other. So, before you get your feathers ruffled, please realize that I am proud of all service members, no matter what branch they serve. They all serve and deserve equal attention. I just have great pride in the branch my husband serves for. If he was Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. I would demonstrate the same amount of pride and “set apart” whatever branch he served in. (And yes, I do recognize that the Marine Corps is a department of the Navy. . . for those who might want to point out that technicality.) But, also recognize that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, and this is mine.

Been Off the Radar

So, I’ve been off the radar lately, and I’m sorry for that. Actually, I take that back. I’m not really that sorry. What have I been doing these past few weeks? Well, I’ve been working on getting mine and my husband’s photography “business” off the ground. We’re not technically a business, since we don’t do it professionally. But, we’ve gotten so sick of over-priced and irresponsible photographers . . . the man who did our wedding being a prime example. It’s been nearly two years, and we’re still pretty bitter about that. We paid a lot of money and received cds of unprofessional, non-edited pictures. We had even paid extra money for him to have a camera on a tri-pod for the attendees to take pictures themselves. That camera was never there. He was so unprofessional in that he kept flirting with the bridesmaids and wedding help, including married people. He missed me coming down the aisle and the tossing of my bouquet. The majority of the pictures are of my bridesmaids rather than of my husband and me. At one point, during the dancing, I had to yell at him to stop dancing with the girls and start taking pictures. He almost missed the cutting of the cake, because he was sitting down, eating. One of my sisters had to tell him to stop eating and go take pictures. He was unorganized in that he didn’t have any poses planned for the post-wedding photoshoot. We had to tell him what to take photos of. He then took several months to get the cds of photos to us, which we had to pester him about to even get them.We tried to contact him about the lack of editing, but he had moved, changed his number, and even made it impossible for me to contact him through facebook. Pretty sure we had been scammed. Overall, it was a very disappointing and frustrating experience.

With that experience in the backs of our minds, we decided we wanted to provide service unlike people like him. Since my husband is in the military, and we know that the military doesn’t reap all the  monetary benefits that most people think, we wanted to provide inexpensive photography service to the military. We are also opening inexpensive services to non-military, but the prices won’t be as low as for military. We want people to be able to get quality, edited photos that will provide wonderful tangible memories for the rest of their lives. Hence, the creating of eLe Photography. We have started both a blog ( and a facebook page ( Check us out!

Thank you for listening to my rant. I promise I’ll do better about blogging in the near future.

I’m Not JUST A Wife

not just a wife

I’ve felt the need to rant about this issue for a little while, but I kept putting it on the back burner. On the back burner it is no more! I’ve had my fair share of situations where I’ll be talking about my husband’s job in the Marine Corps, how things are presently going or just the Marine Corps in general, and I’ll be returned with looks of, “What do you know? You’re just a wife.” Nothing curdles my blood more than to be told that or looked at in that way. A lot of times it comes from military members themselves, but most of the time, it’s from civilians.
I may not have a PhD in “Military,” but please don’t undermine me, my family, and what I know. I am aware that many military members don’t really talk too much about their jobs with their spouses, but I was blessed with a husband who likes to keep me informed. We are each other’s best friends, so naturally we talk about everything with each other. I tell him all about my day, and he tells me all about his. If I don’t understand a military term or something like that, he explains it to me. I’m intrigued by it. I take interest in my husband’s job, because I feel that that’s my duty as a military spouse and as a wife in general. Of course, my husband doesn’t share with me things that are confidential, but he will tell me whatever he can within the limits. He doesn’t view me as “just a wife.” He recognizes that my job is important.

Yes, our men might be the ones putting their lives on the line, but we wives are the ones trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy back home with the knowledge in the backs of our heads that our men might not come home. We put our emotions on the line. We put our strength on the line. We have to be two parents in one while daddy’s gone. We have to be strong for our kids, our husbands and most importantly, ourselves. We have to wait for every phone call. We have the worry that comes with every single day. Even when they’re not on the battlegrounds, their lives are still in danger. So many anti-military people roam this country, who try to mess with the ones who allow them to live in the land of the free.

My husband will admittedly say that he thinks the spouse’s job is just as hard, if not harder, than those of the military members themselves. I think that’s partly why he likes to keep me informed. He doesn’t want me to feel like I’m in too deep over my head. He wants me to be confident about myself and about his job, and so do I. I’m not too proud to admit when I don’t know something. But please, don’t undermine me simply because I’m “just” a wife. I’m not JUST a wife. I’m a MARINE wife!

My Brother, Headed Over There


I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but I had a very important trip to make a few days ago. My brother is deploying to Afghanistan soon, and he’s home for pre-deployment leave. (He too is a Marine.) I had been planning to make the trip to my parents to see him for a while, but thanks to the Marine Corps, when that was going to happen kept remaining up in the air. One of the most frustrating things about the military is that you can never plan. If you want to take a trip, it has to be spontaneous. If you plan for it, something is going to come up. That’s one fact I’ve had to make myself get used to. I sometimes envy people who can Continue reading

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