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It’s been a while since I’ve written about my pregnancy adventures, and in the meantime my legs, butt, hips, and other parts have proven the length of time to me with their never-ending expansion. I should have known our baby was a boy when I experienced a sudden appetite increase and found myself eating peanut butter by the spoonful without any second thought. I wake up “starving” at five in the morning, and of course, I’m always wanting to eat whatever we DON’T have in the fridge or cabinets. I still have yet to get a weird craving, though when a friend mentioned adding miracle whip to a peanut butter and banana sandwich, I started salivating. I have to mentally slap myself every time I go to try it.

Regarding the sex of our baby, another clue I should have heeded to was that ALL my baby dreams involved boys. I don’t recall having a single dream about a baby girl. I now realize I was just in sheer denial all along. Deep down I knew it probably was a boy, but I didn’t want to believe it. When the ultrasound tech pointed out his “boyness”, there was no denying it anymore. That little thing sticking out on the screen was certainly not a finger. Now, Evan and I have the pleasure of arguing over a name for this little goober who has taken a regular habit of making his presence known to me with jabs and kicks to my abdomen. I just love waking up in the middle of the night to persistent jerks that feel like recurring muscle spasms.

Our dog, Sierra, and I seem to have taken on a battle of the smells. She stinks, as usual. But, I put her to the test when my flatulence takes its course. I have gas worse than an entire college football team! You’re probably thinking, “Poor Evan,” but he has grown acclimated to it and accepts it as a part of our every-day life. The most reaction he gives is a simple shake of his head, and that’s only when he can hear it. Although, any smelly ones usually result in immediate flight from the room or exaggerated plugging of the nose, followed with, “Lydia! Plug yourself!”
With a goofy grin, I just respond, “I’m pregnant.” Now I can say, “It’s your son’s fault!” The great thing about it all is that he can’t protest otherwise.

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They say I’m as small as a pear,
But I know I’m all there.
I’ve got fingers and toes
And even a little nose.
My head is half of me,
But the rest’ll catch up, you’ll see.
I’ve got this really cool cord,
And I pretend it’s a sword.
I can move anywhere I please,
Even when I twist, turn and squeeze.

Some day I will be
A pirate of the sea.
Or maybe I will fly
Way way up in the sky.
I will jump and hop and run
And try to lick the sun.
I will cross my eyes
To use for disguise.
I’ll stick my face in the mud
And eat all kinds of crud.
I won’t blow my nose
Cause that’s how it goes.
I’ll eat the dirt
And be a big flirt.
I will be good
Just as I should.
But, when I blow that spit,
The devil’s made me do it.

These are my dreams,
As silly as they seem.
So, when I am born,
Everybody be warned.
I’m gonna try to fly
And be the best spy.
I’m gonna play with you,
Even when you don’t want to.
I heard my daddy is cool,
So my house is gonna rule!
I’m gonna be the best,
Unlike all the rest.
But, until that awesome day,
In mommy’s tummy will I stay. *sigh*

By: Super Baby!

I was laying in bed the other night, thinking about all the interesting things I’ll deal with once the baby is born and starts growing up. Then, this poem started formulating in my head. Hope you enjoyed it! heehee!

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Time for another update! I know, I know, it’s been soooo long.

The baby is now 12 1/2 weeks, and the first trimester is almost over! Woot woot! One might think not much could possibly happen in a week’s time, but, alas, when pregnant, something new happens every day! I can’t keep up! As much as I beg and plead them, the boobs won’t let up. I’m adorning cantelopes! Now my skin has decided to go on strike. Zits are beginning to draw maps on my face. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I should play connect-the-dots. I would include a picture to demonstrate, but a close-up pimple shot isn’t the most pleasant to look at.

I had a pregnancy scare recently. For the past couple of days I’ve been experiencing where can you buy lasix

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So, today I had the horrific realization of what pregnancy does to the body after eating. Okay, since being pregnant, I always felt bloated after eating, but this is ridiculous! Take a look…

Is that really me or did a horse jump down my throat? I’m starting to speculate the horse option. Isn’t it enough that my boobs have grown a whole size?! Against Evan’s wishes (though he doesn’t say it, I’m sure it’s there), I’m hoping the boobage stops. Come on, mother pregnancy nature, I can’t be buying new bras just to fit my temporary mongo boobs. Please attack someone who wants the extra growth or even growth at all! Maybe I’ll try the ace bandage bondage. Hmm, I’ll have to keep that in mind.
I’m glad to say that the gas issue has seemed to dilute a bit, but with the extraction of the gas, crazy dreams have become the new replacement. Just the other night I dreamt that I gave birth to our baby on the steps at home in PA. I was just meandering down the steps, sat down, and then “swoop!” out slipped the baby… four months early and as healthy as a regular newborn! I was quite disappointed when I woke up and realized the dream wasn’t real. Oh how beautiful it would be to skip the last four months! But alas, reality has taken its place again, along with the extra boobs and bloating. *sigh*
Thank you for listening to another day in the mind of Lydia. Stay tuned for next time…
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