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Slow To Speak

As I watch the firestorm roar its way through Facebook, my heart wrenches and I’m upset. But, I’m not upset for the reasons that you might think. The evidence is screaming at our faces. We have become a people who are not slow to speak.

Slow to speak

We let our words fall prey to the heat of our passions, and our reputations stand before the firing line of our own emotions. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Freedom

All over America there are fireworks crackling and fizzing in the sky. They are celebrating America’s freedom. The freedom that has been fought for with blood and sweat. The independence from tyranny. The freedom to worship and go as we please. It’s a precious freedom. Yet, it’s a freedom that has been taken for granted.


As I sit here with my little baby girl in my arms, I can’t help but wonder if she’ll get to experience that freedom.

So many things are changing. I’ll admit that I’m terrified to think of Continue reading

Policies Your Church Needs For Protection From Predators

Who would have thought that church would be in the top list of places that pedophiles target? I know it was certainly not something I expected to hear. But, as a victim of someone within church authority, I can see how churches make themselves vulnerable to sexual predators.

Today is part two of my series about protecting your children from predators. If you are just starting in on the series, you can start {here} and head on back to this post.


When you go to church, you want to know that you can trust people there. It is church, after all. Church should be safe. It’s a place where Continue reading

When You Don’t Look Away

The hurting wife and the pain unveiled . . .

I’m going to be vulnerable here, and frankly, I’m a bit scared. However, I can’t stay silent anymore.

My heart is broken. Marriages are crumbling around me, and I so badly want to put up a wall to help fortify them. I know it isn’t new news that many marriages are suffering these days, but it’s still heartbreaking. I’m watching even Christian marriages wilt away, while others push through and suffer in silence.

I’m going to say it. I’m going to say what is so difficult to utter.

Pornography is killing marriages!

It is one of the biggest culprits, if not the biggest.

There. It’s out. I said the “P” word. I called out the thing that is lurking in the shadows. Pornography has become this ravaging animal that viciously mauls everything in its path and leaves many wounded.

How can I even talk about this?

What do I even know about it?

Three years ago, Continue reading

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