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List of Home Businesses with July 4th Holiday Sales

I love July 4th! I always have, and I think it’s kind of a no-brainer why I love it even more now. Along with the meaning behind this patriotic holiday, I also love all the sales that come with it. Come on, now, don’t tell me I’m the only one. You secretly (or not so secretly) love them too. And you know what else I love? (I know, I’m way overusing the word “love” here. I guess I just love it. Ha ha. Okay, bad joke. Is it naptime yet?) Anywho . . . I also love small businesses and home businesses. I like being able to support small business, because I can usually develop a relationship with those people, and it does my heart good knowing who the money is going to and that I get to play a tiny part in their success. Who doesn’t want to see their friends succeed?!

july 4th sales

So, for a different kind of July 4th post, I want to some sales with all of you! I asked around, and some of my friends are having sales this weekend! Continue reading

The Why Before Christmas


Tragedy struck our family this Christmas, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still reeling from it. I keep finding myself in a strange fog that tries to suffocate, despite the promises of God that are constantly swimming around in my head. I can only imagine how my sister and her children must be feeling.

It was just days before Christmas . . . Continue reading

Weightloss Wednesday: Thankful for Nutrition

Okay, I promise that I am not ignoring my blog. Let’s just call it prioritizing. Moving to California and getting finally settled into our new home has taken up so much of my time. On top of that, I’ve been having a lot of health issues, including chronic pain and fatigue. Last week, my doctor did tests and x-rays to check me for Lyme’s and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is a possibility I’m battling Fibromyalgia as well. Oh boy. Go me. Oh! And then our van broke down, and we suddenly had a ton of unexpected financial issues. Don’t you just love life? I’m so thankful for an amazing heavenly Father who gets us through these seasons with our hearts, if not emotions, somewhat intact! Anyway . . . I know I don’t really have to explain myself, but I just wanted to give a little insight to our life lately. Of course, add the holidays to all of this, and it’s one big disaster of no blogging, very little sleep, and going a bit crazy. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like she’s losing a bit of sanity each day.

Weightloss Wednesday

So, remember when I had talked about going on a weightloss journey and was going to blog about it? Well, silly me had thought that I would start that before moving and be successful. Ha ha ha ha ha! I now laugh at my premature ambitions. How in the world did I think that I would be able to keep up a good diet while living in the car, hotels, and temporary housing for over a month? Hee hee hee! I giggle at myself.

Well, when we finally Continue reading

Friday Confessions: Life Lately

Considering how quiet the blog has been, I thought it was time for a Friday Confessions post. This one is going to be related to what our life has been like lately, and then you’ll understand why things have been quiet around here.


I confess . . . I might have stalked and Continue reading

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