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The hurting wife and the pain unveiled . . .

I’m going to be vulnerable here, and frankly, I’m a bit scared. However, I can’t stay silent anymore.

My heart is broken. Marriages are crumbling around me, and I so badly want to put up a wall to help fortify them. I know it isn’t new news that many marriages are suffering these days, but it’s still heartbreaking. I’m watching even Christian marriages wilt away, while others push through and suffer in silence.

I’m going to say it. I’m going to say what is so difficult to utter.

Pornography is killing marriages!

It is one of the biggest culprits, if not the biggest.

There. It’s out. I said the “P” word. I called out the thing that is lurking in the shadows. Pornography has become this ravaging animal that viciously mauls everything in its path and leaves many wounded.

How can I even talk about this?

What do I even know about it?

Three years ago, can i buy lasix over the counter

cheap lasik eye surgery in collection;governmentalJurisdictions

A while ago, I saw a “Boy Behind The Blog” link-up that I had wanted to get involved in but never got around to. That link-up has been over for a long time, but I still loved the idea. So, I wanted to start doing a “Marine Behind The Blog” series. I write so much about our lives, but rarely do you ever hear from my husband. Here’s your opportunity to get to know him a little better. (Btw, I think he is such a hottie in this picture! Just sayin.)

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This week, as I was sitting in Bible study with fellow Christian ladies, we all started opening up about our shortcomings. What was astounding was the realization that there seems to be this idea of what a Christian housewife and mother “should” be. Some of us sheepishly admitted the things that we do that don’t fit the supposed Christian housewife mold. That’s when I decided I would write a blog post to show that, though I’m a Christian, I still have faults. We need to be honest with each other and ourselves. It’s okay to not fit the mold that seems to be in the forefront of our minds. It’s okay to be real.

1. I don’t wake up at the crack of dawn to do my alone time with God. To be even more honest, I don’t even do my devotions in the morning, and I oftentimes sleep until my children wake up. (To add another eyebrow-raiser, buy lasix with mastercard

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I’m so excited to be introducing you to how to order lasix from where to order lasix! Becca contacted me back when I had asked for people willing to write guest posts for my blog while I took my month-long blog hiatus. I’m so glad she did! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog and seeing all the interesting sights of Italy. You see, Becca’s husband is in the military, and they were stationed in Italy for a few years. They are now in the middle of a PCS back to the states. Becca writes about their experiences in Italy but also discusses topics such as, simplicity parenting and the art of hospitality. Today, she is taking over my blog to talk about how to successfully communicate during a PCS. Please be sure to stop by Becca’s blog and show some love!

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5 Tips for Communicating Through Your Next PCS

My aunt grabbed my arms, her blue eyes sparkling in the low light of the reception hall. “This is your wedding day, and I have three pieces of advice for you. Never forget them, and I promise that you’ll have a great marriage.” order lasix online cheap

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