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My Dearest Andrew,

I should be sleeping. Yet, here I sit, wondering what it must be like for you in heaven tonight. Can it really be that you would have been 3 years old today? But, today you are celebrating 3 ½ years in heaven. To think that the first time you opened your eyes, you were beholding the face of Jesus. What an amazing, everlasting moment you are experiencing right now! Though I’m thankful you never had to face the evil of this world, my heart still aches for you, sweet boy.

I wish I could say there are no more tears. But, buy lasix online usa

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With another Father’s Day having come and gone, I sit here pondering and thinking about all the fathers who have lost children. More awareness is being made for those mothers who have miscarried, lost children, or are trying to conceive. There’s more of a sensitivity to the loss. Having lost can you buy lasix at walmart, I am very appreciative of this growing sensitivity. This recognition in some way helps the burden not be so hard to bear, though it doesn’t necessarily heal the hurt. Yet, I couldn’t help but think and wonder about the fathers. They too have suffered loss, but we don’t focus on them. We tend to unintentionally gloss over their hurt simply because they don’t express it in the way we would expect.

So, I just wanted to write to you, the father who has lost a child . . . where can i buy diuretic lasix

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I want to introduce you to my dear friend, Ruth, and to share her story with you. Ruth had been one of my high school teachers and was my cheerleading coach for a couple seasons. I never imagined that several years later, we would endure similar life challenges that would bring us together as friends.

Back when we lost our son, how to buy lasix, I found myself in a very dark place. At that time, Bible verses weren’t a comfort to me, and (frankly) it frustrated me the more people kept sending me verses. I was trying so hard not to be angry with God, and though people meant well, that gesture just made me more angry. During that time, Ruth messaged me.

We hadn’t talked in years, so I was kind of surprised by hearing from her. What she said in her message helped me in so many ways. She shared her story with me. She too had lost a son through pregnancy loss, and she went on to describe the feelings that I was feeling at that very time. She related to me and reached out in the most tangible way she could. I truly think that her reaching out to me is what helped dispel my anger towards God.

Ruth has since become a great friend and dear mentor to me. She and her family have endured a lot of loss, but God continues to be faithful. I asked her if she would mind sharing her story on my blog. I feel like her story could help so many people. She obliged and took the time to write out the journey God has allowed their family to go through. Here is her (their) story . . . how to buy lasix online

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Mother’s Day is a wonderful and deserved celebration, but I wonder how often we forget those who aren’t able to be mothers. I do understand the loss of miscarriage, having gone through it three times myself. But, I don’t understand what it’s like to struggle with infertility. I can’t even imagine the pain that it causes. I remember having conversations with my sister who struggled with infertility for a couple years, and I could always hear the pain in her voice . I never knew exactly what to say. (Praise the Lord, she and her husband are now proud parents of a beautiful, baby girl. That is an incredible story I’ll have to share in another post.) It’s hard to know how to be an encouragement to someone going through something you’ve never experienced.

I know how painful it was to lose three of our babies. I know that pain, but I don’t know how it compares to the pain of infertility. Sometimes I’ll try to put myself in the shoes of those who can’t bear, and the weight of that imagined pain is difficult enough. To have to go through that in reality would be devastating.

I don’t have much to write on this topic, because I haven’t experienced it. But, I just want to implore you to not forget those who can’t be mothers. Please let that infertile mother know that she is not forgotten. Let her know you are thinking of her. Send her a gift of encouragement. Send her a card that says you are thinking of her. Pray for her. Mother’s Day is, perhaps, the most painful day for her. If you know someone who struggles with infertility or pregnancy loss, you can help ease the pain by showing her love and reminding her that she is not forgotten.

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