Guest Post: Online Dating Tales

Today, Bailey from Becoming Bailey is taking over the blog to share with you a little about her experiences with online dating. Bailey has become a dear bloggy friend, and her blog has been both entertaining and encouraging. One of my favorite things that she writes is her Online Dating Chronicles. If I’m ever in need of a good chuckle, I will seriously pop on her blog and catch up on her latest online dating ordeals. I think I’m drawn to these tales, because all three of my sisters and I did the online dating scene. My sisters all married men they met online. Evan and I didn’t meet online, but I had actually come across his online profile before we met. (Oops! Did I never tell you that? Maybe I should fill you in on that sometime.) Now, before I turn this into a full-blown blog post of my own, I will turn it over to Bailey. Please be sure to stop by her blog and show some love!

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Last week, I turned the ripe old age of 22. So when people hear that I have an online dating profile, they’re shocked. “But you’re so YOUNG?!” Yes, I am. And you know what? I love it.

I made my online dating profile last year when I realized Continue reading

Guest Post: Family-Shaping Relationships and A Giveaway!

I am so excited to tell you that today’s blog post is brought to you by Sierra & Faith of Winks and Eyerolls! These lovely ladies are two beautiful sisters who share a blog. They are incredibly close and love to share about fun fashion tips, recipes, DIY projects, and the journey through parenthood as a first time mom. Because there are two of them, and they both have unique life moments, I asked if they would do two blog posts for me. So, you will be seeing them again next week! The reason I asked them to share two posts is because one sister is married and the other is dating. I knew many people would benefit with something from either side. So, today we are going to hear from the married sister! These girls are both equally sweet, and I know they would LOVE if you stopped by their blog! (Be sure to keep reading, because they are offering some great giveaway prizes at the end!)


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FAMILY, we all have one. It’s one of those things we just don’t have a say about. We can’t pick and choose our family, God does that for us. Sad to admit, there were times I Continue reading

Finding Hope Through Music {He Writes}

My husband is an excellent writer. Whenever he writes letters and notes to me, they are always the sweetest writings. He has so much talent and there is great beauty in his writing. I am supremely blessed with a man who writes beautifully! He’s currently taking a writing college course, and I have just been so impressed with the things he’s written. In one of his essays, he wrote about how he found hope of heaven through music. As I read through his essay, tears welled up in my eyes. Reading this helped ignite the hope of heaven in my own heart. I asked him if I could share it on my blog, and he gave me permission.


Music has had a profound impact on my life, especially old Christian hymns. Growing up in a Christian home, we naturally listened to a wide range of Christian music, from contemporary Christian rock to traditional hymns, but the songs that left the deepest impression on me were the heartfelt traditional hymns. Two songs in particular have had a particularly long lasting impact. Continue reading

Needing God During Deployment

I’m popping on and interrupting my bloggy break to let you know that I had written a post on another blog. If you missed my post on Facebook this past weekend, fear not, you can get to that post from here! I wrote a post for the blog of a fellow military wife, Chelsea. I have loved getting to know Chelsea and connecting with her! She is so sweet and has become a wonderful blog friend! I hope for a chance to meet her some day, as I also hope for a chance to eventually meet my sweet blog friend, Bailey. Chelsea’s blog is Anchors Aweigh, and in my post I wrote about my need for God in my life, especially during deployment.

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