Bitty Baby Bump

I had the first appointment with my midwife today. Thankfully Evan was able to get off work to take me in, though sitting in the waiting room stressed him out. Apparently there was a baby that cried for 10 straight minutes. I just told Evan that it’s something to get used to.

The midwife checked everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I was prepared for it, so it didn’t make me nervous. Aside from my iron being low, i’m in very good health so far and so is the baby. I was issued some iron pills, which I’ll need to take every day. The downside of the pills is that Continue reading

About Time I Blogged

For a while I’ve been wanting to do a blog but never really had the courage. I wasn’t even sure I’d have the time, but now I most certainly do. My husband is in the United States Marine Corps, and we just recently found out that we’re expecting our first child! Talk about a whirlwind. We haven’t even been married for three months, and I’m pregnant already. This definitely was not in the plans, but plans change, sometimes out of our control. 🙂 I’d currently been looking for a job. That was difficult enough, but now that I’m pregnant, no one seems to want to hire a pregnant woman. *sigh* So, here I sit, with more than enough time to blog. We’ll see how well this goes!

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