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Well, we have had yet another eventful week. From Sunday into Monday, I experienced a severe headache and nausea that wouldn’t go away, even when I took a relatively large dose of Tylenol for the headache. I also spent most of Sunday night being awake with a racing heart and heart palpitations. At times, my resting heart rate was can i buy lasix over the counter

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Time has come and gone, and I haven’t done a blog post in about a week. Gah! I assure you that I haven’t forgotten about my blog. In fact, I’ve been itching to get on here and write something. Needless to say, life has been a little more than hectic around here. Baby girl has been continuing to give us scares. We ended up in the hospital two more times with contractions close together and intense. Once again, they had to stop the contractions both times. The most recent was this past Saturday. They kept us overnight, and it took a while before the contractions stopped. The doctors decided to go ahead and give me steroid shots for her lungs, in case she decides to come in the next two weeks, which is very plausible considering the rapid changes my body has been going through.  This mommy is exhausted, but I’m thankful that baby girl is staying put and continuing to grow for now.

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Baby girl gave us a buy lasix online from canada two weeks ago. I ended up in the hospital with horrible pre-term contractions. We thought for sure that she was going to come early. Thankfully, she is still cooking for a bit longer. We’re just taking it one day at a time. We made it to the first goal of 30 weeks, so the next goal is 32 weeks. Until she comes, I’m supposed to rest. Doing so is kind of difficult with three rambunctious boys and us moving in a few months. There is so much to do! I am beyond thankful that my mother-in-law has decided to come down and help until baby girl in born. Her being here has been a huge help and has helped relieve a lot of stress!

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Week: 30  how to buy lasix

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So, I normally do my baby bump updates on Wednesdays (the day I turn that particular week in pregnancy). But, things have been a bit crazy around here, so you’re going to get it a day early. As I mentioned lasix tablets to buy, we’re going to be PCS’ing soon. So, we’ve been in the process of getting our house ready to go on the market. Have I ever mentioned how crazy it is to try to get your house re-painted and done over with 3 little kiddos running around? No? It’s like a nightmare! We’ve had to become pretty creative about when to work on certain projects. It’s also included a lot of late nights after the kids get to bed. So, yeah, I never sleep. Our initial goal was to be finished by mid-May. HA! We’ve now stretched it to end of May. We’ll see if that happens. *crossing fingers* Okay, time for the baby bump (a day early) . . .


Week: 26 (Technically 25 weeks and 6 days, but who’s counting? Oh wait, me!) buy lasix in the uk

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