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Base House Makeover: Guest Bathroom

Are you ready for the guest bathroom reveal?

If you’ve been with me for the past few months, then you know I’ve been slowly sharing with you the changes we have made to our base house. Thankfully, our housing office is pretty lenient on what you can do, as long as the house is put back the way it was when you moved in. So, that has opened up a lot of options for us, allowing us to really make our base house a home. I can’t wait for you to see our guest bathroom!

Call me weird, but bathrooms are on the list of my favorite spaces to decorate. I don’t know why. I think it’s because the options are almost limitless, and bathroom transformations can be almost drastic by simply changing a few things, something as simple as the interior doors!

Since you all know that I LOVE the rustic look, I completely went for the rustic cottage style in our guest bathroom, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! Continue reading

DIY Tiered Bathroom Tray – Master Bathroom


As you all know from a few posts ago, we’re slowly making over each room in our house (with a limited budget), and the master bathroom was the first one we decided to do. We’re finding that our biggest issue with the bathroom is just plain ‘ole organization. Our bathroom sink merely looked like an explosion of stuff. I found {this} awesome tiered tray idea on lizmarieblog.com and fell in love! The best thing about this tiered tray is that you can find everything at the dollar store! (Well, save for the primer and paint, that is.)

I needed the tiered tray to fit in our bathroom, and I needed a place for our toothbrushes to stand. So, I adapted the tray to meet those needs by making it only a two tiered tray and adding a cup.


All you need to make this tray is: 2 nickel-plated plates, a candlestick holder, a cup, super glue, spray paint primer, paint, and a sponge brush. Like I said, you can find everything but the paint and primer at the dollar store! I got a sample paint jar of “turquoise mist” by Olympic. It was the perfect color to match the color scheme in our bathroom.

Before doing anything, I primed the plates. Some people say that you can just straight paint the plates, but I was having issues with it not staying on the plate very well. So, I primed them first with my spray paint primer. That did the trick, and I was able to paint my plates. I did about three coats of paint before I finally got the desired look.

After that, I used my super glue to glue the candlestick to the middle of the bottom plate. When I went to glue the top plate on, I ran into a predicament. I didn’t know how I was going to make sure my plates were evenly on top of each other. So, I grabbed two straight edges to put on two sides of the plate.


 This idea worked and helped ensure the plates were even!


Then I glued the cup to the center of the top plate. I decided to glue the cup to the center, because if I put the cup anywhere else the plate started to bend a bit. I wanted everything to be secure. So, by gluing the cup in the middle of the top plate, I was able to ensure everything would stay together well.


This project was so easy and fun! We now have the left side of our sink all organized, and it looks great!


We had set a $50 budget for a master bathroom makeover. For everything (paint and primer included), this project cost about $11.75. That might sound like a lot, but keep in mind that we will be using the primer, paint, and sponge brushes on other projects in the bathroom. So, it won’t affect our bathroom budget too much. {If you have paint and primer at home, this project should only cost a little over $5! Now, if you have super glue too, you just knocked the price down even more.}


This project was well worth every bit of money. We now have a beautiful organizer piece in our bathroom!


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