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Dear God,

When I am tired, please give me the energy I need to get through the day.

When I’ve lost all patience, help me learn to walk away.

When there is too much to do, help me prioritize.

When the house is a mess, help me to be okay with that once in a while.

When I am frustrated, help me to always respond in love.

When I don’t want to change one more poopy  diaper, remind me that it doesn’t last forever.

When the baby won’t stop screaming, please give my heart peace.

When I don’t know what to do, remind me to always pray.

When my child is upset with me, help me cherish the snuggles afterwards.

When I feel alone, remind me You’re always there.

When there is so much noise, help me choose joy among the clamor.

When my children ask hard questions, help me respond with wisdom.

When they disappoint me, help me choose grace.

When I’m holding their little hands, remind me that You are always guiding me.

When I want to do something wrong, let me remember the little eyes that are watching me.

In everything I do, let my children see You through me.

Above all, God, help me cherish every little moment, because I will never get them back.

*Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms I know! You are doing an amazing job.*

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~ I’ve gone several days without washing my hair, many times. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean I don’t shower. (Ew!) Sometimes, I just don’t have enough time to take a full-fledge shower. I’ve become the master of the messy bun look.

~ I sometimes nurse while going to the bathroom. Hey, if I’m feeding the munchkin and suddenly feel the urge, I can either choose option A – stop feeding the little man and induce a scream fest {or} option B – pee my pants. I’ll go with option C, thank you. When I’m nursing during the night, option C is the only option or else the rest of the house will be woken up. So, no one is disturbed, baby is happy, and I don’t pee my pants. Everybody wins! (On a side note, I have also become the master of the one-handed washing technique.)

~ I’ve found that Febreze can be a lifesaver. –  I was rushing to get the kids and I out the door one morning. I then realized cheap lasik eye surgery in collection;governmentalJurisdictions

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being real

I’m currently reveling in the rare moment that is called “quiet.” All the boys are asleep. Whaaat?! Ever since our littlest one became colicky,

and our middle one started this random screaming,

these quiet moments have become few and far between. I’m really enjoying this peaceful time. I almost forgot what buy lasix from canada

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mommy girl

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of posts by moms, talking about all the things they wanted for mother’s day. Almost always, they said they wanted their pre-baby body back. Some of the posts I read were close to being hateful for the way their bodies are now. I understand being discontent. I’m still a little over 15 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, despite my diet and exercise efforts. That’s beyond frustrating. I miss being able to fit into my “skinny” jeans.

Let’s face it, the body after pregnancy isn’t exactly glamorous. You get the saggy B’s: boobs, butt, and belly. I would love to have my old body back, but I would never want it back at the cost of what made me a mom. Those protruding hips, that pudgy belly, those stretch marks, those chunky thighs – all of those are expressions of the fact that remains . . . I am a mommy! Here’s the other fact that remains . . . my body will never be the same. It will never be the way it was before I had children, and you know, I’m okay with that.

I’m not saying that we should just settle with the way our bodies are. I think it’s important to be healthy and to be a good role model to our children by exercising and eating healthy. But, when we start hating how different our bodies are after pregnancy, we lose focus of the joy and reward that the pregnancy brought us. (Not to mention, there are plenty of childless women out there who would love to have all those stretch marks and extra pudginess, because it meant they were able to carry a child.) There comes a time when we need to look at our bodies and be proud of what we see, despite the changes. No, you might not ever be able to wear a bikini again, but there are plenty of super cute one-piece bathing suits that are even more flattering than bikinis and will embrace those beautiful curves that motherhood granted you.

The next time you want to start hating on your body, just look down at those tiny hands and feet that are tugging at your pants. That body that you’re hating on helped with the forming of that beautiful child. Your body is a miracle, because it created a miracle. I hope to never hear myself say to my children, “Look what you did to me,” as I point to all the stretch marks. If I do, I hope to follow that up with, “and I’m so thankful, because that means you made me a mommy!”

Don’t let the world’s description of what’s “beautiful” fool you out of believing the truth. You don’t have to be a barbie to be beautiful. You are a mommy! Take pride in that mommy body!


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