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I know many of my lovely readers have been wondering where I’d gone. Some of you even reached out to me via email and Facebook, and I thank you so much for that! The thing is, I needed a break . . . a long one. These past 11 months or so have been a difficult journey for me, as I encountered severe postpartum issues, including depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. I’m seeing a break in the clouds and feel compelled to share my story. I feel like postpartum mental struggles are not talked about enough and many moms are left suffering silently. I want to help break the silence. You’re not alone, momma! These issues are very real, but with each voice, we can find a way to provide hope and help for the sufferers. I decided that I will share my story in parts, as it is much too long to put in one post. I am still growing and learning, but God’s grace has been ever abundant. I will still have bad days, but I’m slowly learning to find God in the storm. I just ask for your grace. This is a very raw topic, but I want to bring God glory through this! If He can use me to be an encouragement to at least one person, then His work is not in vain. Follow along as I share with you my heart, my mind, and my struggles with my faith in God. lasix furosemide buy online

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