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~ I’ve gone several days without washing my hair, many times. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean I don’t shower. (Ew!) Sometimes, I just don’t have enough time to take a full-fledge shower. I’ve become the master of the messy bun look.

~ I sometimes nurse while going to the bathroom. Hey, if I’m feeding the munchkin and suddenly feel the urge, I can either choose option A – stop feeding the little man and induce a scream fest {or} option B – pee my pants. I’ll go with option C, thank you. When I’m nursing during the night, option C is the only option or else the rest of the house will be woken up. So, no one is disturbed, baby is happy, and I don’t pee my pants. Everybody wins! (On a side note, I have also become the master of the one-handed washing technique.)

~ I’ve found that Febreze can be a lifesaver. –  I was rushing to get the kids and I out the door one morning. I then realized cheap lasik surgery in dubai

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