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If You Are Feeling Lonely This Christmas

lonely Christmas

It was Christmastime.

My parents and I were getting ready to walk into a magical, olden-time Christmas village. I was pushing my stroller, with our infant son snuggled up inside. It was cold and snowy – the perfect time to visit the Christmas village. This was a tradition. We loved always coming here, and I was excited to be joining my family for the tradition again!

I pulled out my camera and was ready to start snapping pictures when a bright red, “no card in camera,” message blinked back at me.

Tears welled up in my eyes and a heavy cloud filled my chest. With a lump in my throat and trying to keep my tears at bay, I said out loud, “The camera card is not in my camera.”

“It’s okay, Lydia. You can use my camera,” my dad replied.

Rationality left me, and I lost it. Tears erupted down my cheeks, as a panicked feeling overtook me. Continue reading

The Why Before Christmas


Tragedy struck our family this Christmas, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still reeling from it. I keep finding myself in a strange fog that tries to suffocate, despite the promises of God that are constantly swimming around in my head. I can only imagine how my sister and her children must be feeling.

It was just days before Christmas . . . Continue reading

DIY Jute Ball Ornament (Hobby Lobby Inspired)


Is Christmas really only 10 days away?! Holy cow! Where has time gone? Anyway, lately I’ve been keeping busy making Christmas decorations for our house (as if I’m not busy enough already). I love the look and feel of homemade decor! I’m the kind of person who will see stuff at Hobby Lobby or some other place with decor and think, Hmm, I wonder if I could make that myself. 
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DIY Advent Calendar (To Do With Kids)

Random thought: Have any of you seen the movie, “Courage Mountain?” Anybody else think of that movie when they hear the word advent?

“Advent advent, a little light burns. First one, then two, then three, then four, then next, the little Christ-child at the door.”

Annnd, moving on . . .

I’ve always loved those adorable advent calendars that you can get for the month of December. When my 5-year old started asking me every day (back in November) if it was Christmas yet, I knew an advent calendar would help save me from having to repeat myself each day. But, I also wanted a fun Christmas craft to do with the kids and knew this would be great! When I told the boys about my idea, they were so excited!

advent-christmas-calendar-title-photo Continue reading

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