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Got Questions? Ask Me!


Is there something you’ve been dying to know about me and just haven’t had the courage to ask? Well, here’s your chance! I’m inviting you!

I’ve been wanting to do an “ask me” post for a while now but just never really got around to it. I honestly hadn’t done it yet, because I really didn’t think anybody would ask me any questions. I guess I still fear that might be the case. But hey, it can’t hurt to throw this out there and give it a try!

Once a month or every other month (depending on how many questions I receive), I’m going to do a “Coffee with Lydia” post. What will make these posts a little more interesting is that they will be vlogs. If you’re like me and said, “Vlog?! What, is that like a vicious blog or something?” then don’t feel alone. I didn’t know what a vlog was at first, either. A vlog is a video blog. No, I’m not going to turn my whole blog into a video blog. But, I thought it would be fun to occasionally do a video blog post.

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