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It was Christmastime.

My parents and I were getting ready to walk into a magical, olden-time Christmas village. I was pushing my stroller, with our infant son snuggled up inside. It was cold and snowy – the perfect time to visit the Christmas village. This was a tradition. We loved always coming here, and I was excited to be joining my family for the tradition again!

I pulled out my camera and was ready to start snapping pictures when a bright red, “no card in camera,” message blinked back at me.

Tears welled up in my eyes and a heavy cloud filled my chest. With a lump in my throat and trying to keep my tears at bay, I said out loud, “The camera card is not in my camera.”

“It’s okay, Lydia. You can use my camera,” my dad replied.

Rationality left me, and I lost it. Tears erupted down my cheeks, as a panicked feeling overtook me. can you buy lasix over the counter

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Can I be downright real with you?

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Being a mom to young children can be incredibly lonely sometimes. And I’m not just talking about buy lasix canada

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