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“Mommy, why does daddy have to work for so long? Why can’t he come back?”

A lump caught in my throat as I bit my lip to fight the tears that threatened to spill out. There was no denying it had been a rough day for us. Daddy was already gone for several months, and we were still waiting for the end to be in sight. That day was particularly rough for all of us, and my 3-year old son was just expressing his desire for daddy to return from deployment.

He didn’t understand why daddy had to be gone for so long.

I continued to stroke his hair while his head laid in my lap.

“Daddy just has a very special job, buddy, and he can’t come home until it’s finished. But, I know he thinks about you every single day and he can’t wait to give you a great big bear hug!”

“Yeah,” he smiled. I could still hear the pain in his voice.

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