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She probably thinks she’s hot stuff, marrying a little higher up. Why is she in charge of caring for the company wives? She has no idea what it’s like. This is her first deployment, for pete’s sake!

Two things. There were TWO things I knew about this wife: she was newly married and her husband was an officer who had been in for almost 20 years.

Before even meeting her, I made the assumption that she was snotty and was going to lord her new position over us. cheap lasik surgery singapore

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What are you doing to make sure you are staying safe while your spouse is gone?

As the wife of a Marine, I constantly hear “OPSEC, remember OPSEC!” If you’re unfamiliar with military terms, OPSEC means Operational Security. OPSEC is the term for keeping classified deployment and training information a secret, such as dates and specific locations.

Okay, I’ve got OPSEC down. Seems pretty easy.  But, what about my own personal security (PERSEC) when my husband is gone, either for training or deployment?

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Pictures can sometimes be worth a thousand words, and these pictures speak so much!

If you’ve been following my buy lasix from canada and how to buy lasix, then you might remember seeing my picture of the Daddy Dolls that my husband and I ordered for the kids. how to buy lasix online

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Warning! Long post alert!

I figured it was about time I told you all about our California move. It was exciting, entertaining, stressful, and interesting. I think that covers all the adjective bases . . . maybe.

So, we started our journey by first heading to Virginia to visit my husband’s sister and her family. She also had a baby girl a little less than two months after where to buy lasix furosemide was born. This is their first child, and she is absolutely adorable!


A bonus to meeting our niece was that Evan’s parents were there as well. The kids loved seeing where to buy lasix

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