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What the PCS?

I might be jumping the gun here, but I would consider myself a relatively seasoned military spouse. I’ve been supporting my husband in his military career for six years now. (He’s been in longer than that.) I’ve supported him through a lat-move, a  deployment, several training ops, promotions, a strenuous B-billet, bought a house while he was deployed, was a FRO assistant, had several children at the military hospital, learned the jargon, etc.

BUT (this is a big “but”) . . .

I’ve never gone through a PCS before.


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Could Be A Model

It’s hard to believe our baby girl will be a month old tomorrow! Where in the world has time gone?! Over the past two weeks, we’ve had family visiting, first Evan’s parents and then mine. Our kids have been so spoiled with grandparent time that they don’t know what to do with themselves now that the grandparents are all gone. Aside from being a bit on the nutty side, they’ve been taking it better than I anticipated. I think Evelyn is taking it the hardest because she now doesn’t have someone holding her 24/7. I wouldn’t mind doing baby-wearing, but I have the Moby Wrap and it just gets so cumbersome to put on sometimes. Not to mention, it just gets plain hot. So, if any of you mommies out there know Continue reading

Staycationing In North Carolina {It’s Possible!}

Today I am blogging over at Hope N. Griffin: Finding Joy In Everyday, where I am joining up for a military staycation series that she has put together.

Staycation Title Photo

With three young children and another on the way, vacationing has become a bit more difficult over time. Have you ever tried riding in a van for 9+ hours with a 4-year old, 2-year old, and 1-year old, all the while being pregnant? No? I don’t recommend it. Adding to the challenge of vacationing with young children is the expense of traveling long distances. So, to cut down on expense and extended driving time, we’ve learned the art of “staycation” trips.

Talk to anybody who is stationed at or lives near Camp LeJeune, and they will tell you that fun family-friendly activity spots are scarce. We know this from personal experience. We have been stationed there for several years now. But, just as the old saying goes, “It is what you make it.” So, our family decided we were going to figure out a way to have fun without having to travel too far. Believe it or not, there actually are some really fun and educational places to go around here. There are five, in particular, that we love. Read more . . .


Memorial Day {Remembering the Fallen} – A Re-Post

Because my sister and her family are visiting for the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to share an old post for today. Let us not forget the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom!

#MemorialDay, remember

This past week was a sobering one for me. Our family battled illness a lot last week, but that’s not what made it sobering. For the entirety of the week, I worked on a very special wreath order I had received the week prior. This wreath was made in memory of a Marine who lost his life 11 years ago and will be placed on his headstone today, Memorial Day. The day I mailed out that wreath, another order came in. This one was for yet another Marine who lost his life. With Memorial Day right around the corner and now here, I was in constant reminder of what this day is all about . . . (read more)


DIY Military Cammie Travel Wipes Case

DIY Military Cammie Wipes Case by andthismarinewife.com

If you’ve been following my Instagram and Twitter, you’ll remember seeing a little teaser for this post with a mish-mash of items not really showing you what exactly it was. Well, the wait is over! If you guessed what the project was going to be, congratulations! The project is a DIY Military Cammie Travel Wipes Case!

Today I am going to be showing you how to Continue reading

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