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Why I Refuse to Teach My Children that Everyone Wins

I’m going against the modern grain and teaching my children that not everyone wins, and here’s why.

everyone wins

They were at it again. I could hear my boys squabbling over yet another episode of “Special Agent Oso.” It had come to the end of the episode where the stuffed bear agent “rewards” the viewing children with a special medal.

My boys always, without fail, will start arguing long before the medal part shows up. They argue over who is going to be the winner of the medal. Sometimes it gets pretty heated. They will even get physical with each other on occasion. It’s actually quite comical for me to witness.

When they first started fighting over the silly medal on this tv show, I almost stepped in.

I almost stepped in and told them that they needed to share the medal; that everyone wins.

Then, I stopped myself. Continue reading

How To Know Your Child Has Been Sexually Abused

If your child has been sexually abused, there will almost always be signs, and it’s best to know what those signs are.

Before you read any further, you must understand that a lot of these signs are very easy to miss and a lot of wonderful parents might even just assume that some of these things are related to another issue. Please do not beat yourself up if you miss or missed the signs, in the event that your child has been sexually abused. They really are easy to miss sometimes.


But, by educating yourself about the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of what to look for. Continue reading

Help Your Child Escape A Predator

Does your child know how to escape from an uncomfortable or dangerous situation?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a series on protecting your child from predators.  I apologize for not getting this post in last week. But, you didn’t have to wait forever long because here I am with the fourth installment of that series. This week we’re going to discuss escape plans.

help-child-escape-predator Continue reading

Unplugged to be More Son-plugged

DeathtoStock_Creative Community5

“Momma, can you push us?”

Two excited little girls sat on the merry-go-round and waited patiently for their mom to come get the fun spinning.

I watched as the young mom stood up and walked toward her daughters, her eyes not once leaving the phone she held in her hand. She pushed with her free hand and remained engaged with whatever she was reading on her phone.

Instead of gleeful giggles, Continue reading

She’s Here!

Okay, so I’ve been keeping it a secret on the blogging world too long. If you’ve been following my Instagram, then you know what I’m talking about.



Nearly three weeks ago, at exactly 36 weeks, we welcomed our baby girl into the wide open world! She is absolutely beautiful and amazing in every way! Please say hello to our little . . . Continue reading

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