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We are moving. I’m still struggling to grasp that fact. I knew this time would come. The time when the Marine Corps would move us away to another area. I know. Duh, Lydia! That’s the military! But, you see, we’ve actually been pretty lucky blessed to have not had to move yet. Crazy, I know! In my husband’s almost nine years in the military, this will be our first official move. We have been truly blessed.

We have been getting advice from my friend who recently moved to the gorgeous where can i buy lasix water pills online in CO on all the things we need to remember when moving, things she forgot to do and things she wished she had done to make it easier. She has been very helpful. No matter how hectic our move is I always think that at least we aren’t moving countries! Another one of my friends moved to the UK a few years back to start a new business. They told us how half of their stuff got lost, how it took ages to adjust to UK life, how they had to apply for a Entrepreneur visa now they’re having to apply for a can you buy lasix over the counter and so much more… So whenever I think about how stressed I am, I remember them and feel much better!

Anyway, I’m getting off track. It’s amazing how much you realize you love a place after you are told you’re going to be leaving. For the past couple of years, I had been scrambling and praying for us to be moved somewhere else, and now I’m practically clawing to stay. But, it’s not the area that I’m going to miss. I can honestly say good riddance to the area itself. It’s the people. It’s our church. In the last year, we started attending a new church and fell in love with all the people there! We made wonderful friendships; friendships that are going to last, for sure. These people, this church reached in and can i buy lasix over the counter

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I’m so excited to be introducing you to where can i buy lasix from where can you buy lasix! Becca contacted me back when I had asked for people willing to write guest posts for my blog while I took my month-long blog hiatus. I’m so glad she did! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog and seeing all the interesting sights of Italy. You see, Becca’s husband is in the military, and they were stationed in Italy for a few years. They are now in the middle of a PCS back to the states. Becca writes about their experiences in Italy but also discusses topics such as, simplicity parenting and the art of hospitality. Today, she is taking over my blog to talk about how to successfully communicate during a PCS. Please be sure to stop by Becca’s blog and show some love!

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5 Tips for Communicating Through Your Next PCS

My aunt grabbed my arms, her blue eyes sparkling in the low light of the reception hall. “This is your wedding day, and I have three pieces of advice for you. Never forget them, and I promise that you’ll have a great marriage.” where to buy lasix for horses

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