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Harvest Pumpkin Granola Bars (No Bake, Gluten-Free)

http://raptorcommandmusic.com/?p=221 I’ll admit that I’m really struggling to get into the Fall spirit here in the desert of California. The harvest season just isn’t the same! I grew up in Pennsylvania and spent the last 6 years in North Carolina. In both of those states, we at least had true Falls, where the weather becomes colder and scarves and boots become essential.

cheapest place to buy doxycycline tablets Here in California, it just becomes like a milder summer. Yay . . . I’m sure you can sense the sarcasm in my fake enthusiasm. I know I’ll eventually get used to it and will grow to enjoy it. But, this East Coast girl wants to just revel a little in her self pity party.

So, in lieu of the pumpkin season and trying to make things feel more seasonal around here, I decided to whip up a no-bake, pumpkin recipe that is both tasty and gluten-free.

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Cap’n Crunch Milk & Cereal Snack Bars

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Summer is almost over and the new school year is just around the corner. Say what?! Where did Summer go? What’s more terrifying is that Ian will be starting pre-K. I think I’m gonna cry. He’s not my baby anymore. *sniff* I also might cry because mornings are usually rather hectic in this house, making breakfast time a bit chaotic. It’s a good thing Quaker is there to the rescue and offers a variety of breakfast and snack options for those preparing to get into the swing of the school season!

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French Onion Chicken Potato Bake

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I have a confession. I love casseroles. They are perfect for our large family and are always something that everyone loves. Casseroles are a win-win, which is great for this tired, busy mommy! I was so excited to conjure up a new recipe with the Kraft French Onion Dip hidden within, and it is incredibly tasty! Not to mention, this new dinner is yet another hit with my kiddos. Yay!

This french onion bake is savory and flavorful, with a bit of tasty crunch on top. How can you go wrong? Well, you can’t. I’m so excited to share the recipe with you, so I am just going to dive into it! Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Minion Inspired Pancakes

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My son is obsessed with the Minions. So, he went crazy over these Minion inspired pancakes made with Mott’s applesauce!


(Sorry, I just had to. Hehe!)

I mean, come on, who can’t be excited over the Minions? They are just funny and adorable! I’m pretty sure his next birthday party is going to be Minion themed. He calls all of the Minions Kevin, even though I know the others have names too. (I just looked them up. Their names are Stuart and Bob. Didn’t know that? Neither did I!) Anyway, you can imagine how excited our son was when I came home with Mott’s apple juice and applesauce that had the minion, Kevin, on them!

You know how you see all those fun pancake shapes and awesome things that the “awesome breakfast” moms do? Well, I wanted to be an awesome breakfast mom too and became determined to Continue reading

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie {In A Cup} For Two

Gluten-free choc chip cookie

Ever find yourself in need of a “me” moment? Do you just want to curl up with a perfect little treat that you don’t have to slave over for hours in the kitchen to make? Well look no more! This cookie-in-a-cup cooks up so quickly, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t been eating this treat before. Continue reading

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