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In this post, I discuss three very important reasons your children need to know the proper, anatomical names for their private parts. You’re in for a treat today, because I actually did a video instead of writing a post! So, feel free to watch below for part three of my “Protecting Your Child from Predators” series!

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Who would have thought that church would be in the top list of places that pedophiles target? I know it was certainly not something I expected to hear. But, as a victim of someone within church authority, I can see how churches make themselves vulnerable to sexual predators.

Today is part two of my cheap lasik eye surgery san diego about protecting your children from predators. If you are just starting in on the series, you can start {can you buy lasix at walmart} and head on back to this post.

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When you go to church, you want to know that you can trust people there. It is church, after all. Church should be safe. It’s a place where buy lasix canada

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You can empower yourself with info to help protect your child.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure buy lasix in uk.

I debated about posting this now, but in lieu of the buy lasix in us, I feel like it is appropriate. Now, what I’m about to write about isn’t necessarily the same exact scenario. But, it has to do with sexual assault, and it is something close to my heart because I was one of them. I once was a defenseless child who had everything stripped from her, and I am still (over 20 years later) dealing with the aftermath of that nightmare. For the longest time I wanted to talk about it. I knew it was important. I wanted to speak out against it. But frankly, I didn’t quite have the courage.

I do now.

I have the courage to speak out against the evil that prevails. For every young child, teenager, adult – I have the courage. I don’t know much about assault between adults. But, I know an awful lot about childhood sexual assault. I know way more than I should. I know . . . because buy lasix injection

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