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Why I Refuse to Teach My Children that Everyone Wins

I’m going against the modern grain and teaching my children that not everyone wins, and here’s why.

everyone wins

They were at it again. I could hear my boys squabbling over yet another episode of “Special Agent Oso.” It had come to the end of the episode where the stuffed bear agent “rewards” the viewing children with a special medal.

My boys always, without fail, will start arguing long before the medal part shows up. They argue over who is going to be the winner of the medal. Sometimes it gets pretty heated. They will even get physical with each other on occasion. It’s actually quite comical for me to witness.

When they first started fighting over the silly medal on this tv show, I almost stepped in.

I almost stepped in and told them that they needed to share the medal; that everyone wins.

Then, I stopped myself. Continue reading

You Are Special, Unique, One-of-a-Kind (Reminding Our Children They Are Special)

We currently live in a society where there seems to be little self worth and a lot of imitation. Children these days feel the need to imitate other people, because they are not confident with the way God made them. There is so much pressure to be someone they are not.  They feel the need to be like the “cool” kids or be pretty or be smart. The thing is, through these efforts to be someone else, they’re losing the identity of who they really are. I’ll admit that this is something I struggled with most of my life, and I’ll have to be honest that I still do struggle with it time to time.


This has weighed heavily on my heart over the past month or so. I don’t want our children to grow up feeling this way. I don’t want the world telling them that they don’t matter, that they are just another person. I want them to know that they are special and uniquely made. They don’t have to be like someone else. They can just be themselves and be Continue reading

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